I stay in Postal code 760288, in a HDB Room4S Flat. I would not know if MP can help me in this so getting a lawyer to get court order in order to switch ISP.


I sign up with viewqwest. They submit an order to take over port 1 but it was rejected on 26 June 2013 by opennet. So I called up M1 customer service and they said they already submit an request on 25 June 2013 to release port 1 as I use port 2. This will take 3 to 5 working days.


So on the Friday 28 June 2013, I call up viewqwest to let them know about this issue so she proceed on submit an order to opennet again to take over port 1. On 02 July 2013 I call up M1 customer service, they are still checking with fibre department and said will expedite and hopefully tomorrow they can get back to me. On 03 July 2013 around noon, I in paragon M1 customer service to talk to manager. So one of the staff come out I do not know if she is really a manager spoken to her. So She go in and check that they are not able to contact the fibre department. She also said will get back to me call me tomorrow.


On Friday 05 July 2013 I call up viewqwest so she told me this is the second time opennet rejected the order just today. I told her to send e-mail and so I received an e-mail of two order reference number which opennet rejected.


On Friday 05 July 2013 6pm, I in Paragon M1 customer service and speak to their staff. So he ask me which Internet Service Provider do I sign up with. I told them is Viewqwest. So he said this is not a fiber service department here. He said that he can get back to me call me on Monday as fibre service department work Monday to Friday office hour only. I told him that why yesterday no one contacted me since Wednesday 03 July 2013 I come down here also. He say sorry for the delay and given no explanation for the delay. I told him I cannot accept it and will get a lawyer for court order to release port 1. Opennet which I call them the hotline which viewqwest given me and she call me back says there is nothing it can be done. One house unit can have only one TP, I cannot install additional TP. Only ISP can submit request to terminate port and not from house owner which is only M1 as they occupy both ports now.


So the history is in Last year March, I sign up M1 fiber broadband. As I able to get free fixed voice, I sign up the service in this year May, come to change my ONT in my house to use port 2 as they cannot activate port one for fixed voice service.


Any advise? Even I terminate fiber broadband with M1 now, I do not think I can switch to other ISP for fiber broadband in my house same unit.


If I hire lawyer, I hope I can claim as much legal fee as possible from parties involved if court order was issued as it is getting things done at much losses for both parties.