Month: November 2022

Problem in writing personal testimony For Bible Study Christian Lifestyle 2 class

This is an e-mail send to city harvest church Singapore for your sharing.

I had some problem in the end could not do this homework as in the bible study last Wednesday I drop a note in the class I will write to you due to an incident happened just now on Friday 11 Nov 22 before attending young adult service onsite.

I come not eaten much as the announcement in weekend services said there are plenty of good food prepared so I can eat some not to waste too much food to be thrown away by the church. At 705pm the door open to go in, I waited as I let others take the food first so I will be the last to take but 30 minutes later the food was gone.

I am very hungry so I give young adult service a miss as this will not be online service feeling being kind end up, I was treated like a fool. As you encourage us to join a cell group to serve in ministry, I feel like a fool to be treated in cell group so did not dare to join. I go eat on my own and enjoy my life will better maintain happiness with the Lord always.

I hope that other people in this bible study class will be able to do this homework to share encourage us if not you may feel that is wasting your time and effort to conduct this bible study overall.

I loop Pastor Jeremy in email as he knows me well for many years if you got anything to find out need a church staff in charge you can look for him no need to let me know.

Let me know if you anything to comment share.