It had been a year plus I did not update my blog. There are a few updates. Firstly, Since I service my debt under DRS in 2015, End Dec 2019 I fully paid off my debt. I am now debt free, no house as I currently stay with my sisters, also no car can use sis one if available. Of course any credit facilities cannot get any approval due to default record in my credit report where I service my debt, which will take 3 years to clear all in year 2022 to try apply again.

There is covid19 now, I still have my job. Also a girlfriend. But not a Christian. I no need to convert her to believe or trying to influence her. As you had seen my posting, I having different views with the church, had been seeking God why I cannot find a home church follow well. As God says, his twelve disciples does not worship God with a heart, causing him to hang himself to shows his love. Covid19 also shows church is most useless organisation. Also I google about yoke verse unequally yolk, it refers to idol worship, it does not mean believers cannot have love marry with unbelievers in a few top search. As I am a water baptize Christian, I am clear what I am doing. Yes definitely my girlfriend is a Buddhist, she will go find a fortune teller about going into marriage, I fully fine with it no issue to go with her so no church wedding. Even if i have child later on, I will have the freedom for child to believe or not in any faith, of course my faith is better but without any influence. God had spoken to me through the holy scripture that just worship him with a heart, no matter how big or small is good enough compare to his 12 disciples in new testament. Even Pastor and leaders in church cannot ensure they will go heaven but I can go in if there is a heart with him all the way, stated in John 3:16,17 not a simple prayer accepting him all those as me 20 years of believing him did not turn cold.

It hard to say when we get married like my parents wish next year end, but we can plan after vaccine is found for covid19 everyone has it to travel overseas vacation to plan, end up actual day can be two years or more from now.