Month: October 2014

Some updates on quit traditional choir in Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Singapore and new house

I had been finally confirm that I can quit church choir and no need to come for practice anymore. About a week I send her a message but she did not reply so I send her a message yesterday noon and she replied since last week I decided to quit choir then no need to come for practice at all anymore. I was mostly assigned to sing tenor as there is four part which lady sings highest Soprano and Alto and I sing Tenor and others lowest bass. The Choir for 5pm Sunday service is now less than ten people on stage altar to sing, morning 8am service is about ten plus people so add up total strength about 20 plus for combine choir in traditional services singing hymns. At this church Ang Mo Kio Methodist church in Singapore average total attendance is about a thousand over plus the 10.30am contemporary praise and worship eat up almost 40% over out of traditional 8am and 5pm services almost 60% every Sunday. I am the youngest as I come to practice for 5pm choir services as the rest is very old man and woman singing never been formally taught by a vocal teacher to sing before I believe not like me. If I come for 8am choir I need to wake up very early be at church in 7.30am if I wear robe to sing in altar before 8am services start.

For my house fiber broadband relocation is done last Friday afternoon up and running, almost all the things at my old house either throw away and most of them moved to my new flat. Now left painting and some repair work to be done then next week a few days later can invite people and agent to look at this old flat to lease out prepare to sign agreement maybe start next month.

some updates on second new flats, church ministry, health condition.

I finally settled in my new house. All of my stuff is moved over except I not yet to UN box as the sliding door for my bedroom built in wardrobe is not yet installed to be ready this Friday to put most of my stuff in. MY clothing will be pack and bring over by mum once the wardrobe is ready this Friday. Last month there is no updates on my blog. For my fiber broadband the relocation was delay two weeks. It was suppose to install on Thu 25 Sep 2014 but there is insufficient capacity issue so delayed till further notice. Today in the afternoon I received a call from my Internet Service Provider with an e-mail to confirm installation and relocation of my fiber broadband services is done, so I ask them to replace my point at this Friday morning 9am to 10.45am and is confirmed. So the charges of relocation is S$100 include tax and replace point at new location in my house S$220 plus 7% tax done by Netlink Trust as management is changed from previously Open Net. Hopefully there is not much problem. Cable modem is still very slow in overseas web sites like video streaming most Asian Chinese Drama from another ISP compare to this much faster a few times normally I believe.

For the Fibre optic network info in Singapore you can refer to the link OpenNet ceases to exist; is renamed NetLink Trust

About church ministry, I going to Methodist church to join a traditional choir ministry singing in hymns. But after a month practice a few weeks I having a problem with a church choir ministry leader as he is old man with bald hair head, asking me to lower down and keep quiet as I did not ask him if I singing very loud as I told him I already singing very soft already. So I was totally piss off after this Wednesday night choir practice I go home to send a message to her mobile phone one of my in charge in choir ministry that I do not want to sing in church anniversary on Sunday 3pm and decided to quit joining choir. So she called me when I was on my way home in bus interchange waiting for my feeder bus talk almost an hour then I hung up and board the bus. She told me over the phone that she do not know any problem for me to sing loud in choir as no feedback receive so far about me, just that common sense should be exercise when singing too loud as the sound maybe too sticking out too awful at all times in choir. So I come to attend the Sunday anniversary church service only one service in 3pm. But I saw the bald head old man who is the same choir ministry leader sing doxology with an old woman, I even piss off and went back home after he sing attended the service halfway through not staying back for tea. She told me in the phone almost an hour that I join just over a month should stay a bit more like another month plus to two to see if I like it for me to decide want to confirm pray by pastor to give me a robe to sing in church altar with the choir after the audition is done on my voice. She said in the beginning no one rejected after 3 months after audition if they come to practice to join choir regularly but normally people left after first join to practice a month or two due to their own personal reason. The commitment level is weekly, not monthly or fortnight for practice at 2.45pm Sunday and 5pm Service on same day normally. If I not coming for that week to choir just let her know.

For my health, condition may be improving or not I not sure. Last two months ago I decided to change psychiatrist due to she close down her private clinic per follow up visit of S$80 moved to raffles hospital per visit follow up S$152 too costly. I seen the new doctor for the first time, given a new medicine for mood stabilizer to try out for a week before i see her given a 5 weeks for next appointment after first time visit. At second follow up visit she increase one pill of anti psychotic old drug to two pill with mood stabilizer and with anti depression total of 4 pills, if needed after few days not feeling well like very sleepy or sedative wake up in morning reduce to one pill for anti psychotic. So I taken over 3 weeks plus no issue for 4 pills, one week plus like 5 weeks is the third follow up appointment. Yes I feel a bit better after a month or two compare to previous doctor, but I not able to advise if my condition is improved since I taking 4 pills increase dosage instead of 2 pills. So this question I later will e-mail doctor or ask her at next follow up visit that if I having health active life now does it mean that I will be the same or doing more and better than most people without any medication still healthy active from her medical point of view? At last second follow up visit, she had not direct answer my question that should I let my girl friend know I have this illness as I know her for few months, she said ohhh…. and next appointment again as I waited for over an hour appointment to see her very short while as she had some cases first time spending too much time just now.