I am using M1 Fibre Broadband at my house. Download speed and upload speed had improved a lot, experience many overseas web sites downloading files or video streaming much faster compare to Singnet ADSL and Starhub Cable modem. I had been using for a month and the connection was very stable in fact compare to Singnet ADSL and Starhub Cable modem. The reason may be due to there are less subscriber for M1 compare to Singnet and Starhub to enjoy greater speed improvement which exclude the three new provider as below.

In Singapore we have six Internet Service Provider which is Singnet, Starhub, M1, Viewqwest, MyRepublic, SuperInternet. These three provider Viewqwest, MyRepublic, SuperInternet are new in the market for Fibre Broadband but they do offer one static IP address service for home usage. As since these are pretty new I would not want to consider getting them due to their billing issue need to go through such asĀ GIRO or auto monthly debit method like debit or credit card as they are still exploring various methods of other payment mode. They may provide High speed stable connection as time goes by I not very sure also as they are new to the market.

In these six provider, the cheapest deal is still M1. I get it with a promotion of S$45 with free mobile broadband and a fixed voice line of 100Mbps download / 50Mbps upload with no cap on International bandwidth. As my area need to use to rent a residential wireless gateway for S$2.14 monthly to enjoy free fixed voice line, I did not subscribe to it and prefer using my own wireless router better. I did not encounter any issue of disconnection at all and WAN IP public auto assign address did not change for over 23 days online currently as I typing these post.

I tested the connection from my home to this homepage server VPS. Ping is higher than 200ms and download upload bandwidth for one file is about 2mbps at most. As my PC did not switch off, you can test my upload speed where you try downloading it from my PC hosted at my home using M1 fiber broadband from