Month: July 2015

I will be moving house at the end of the year or year start.

Right now I just move in to this house brought under my eldest sister single name for 389K Singapore dollars. It was brought in July last year and I move in start Oct. 4A model flat about 104 square meter 11 level build 29 years old.

Right now at the end of this year or start of the year, I will be moving house as my second elder brought another flat quite near bus interchange or Train station but same town a bit near to where I stay now. Instead of 5 family member stay in this flat, I and my second elder sister two person stay in a much bigger unit. It is 5A model flat about 142 square meter 11 level build 21 years old at 452K Singapore Dollars. My eldest sister is able to apply for HDB loan so using CPF saving of about 200K to pay half then half get loan. My elder sister also have CPF saving of 200K cannot able to get HDB loan as pay is too high above 5K Singapore dollars monthly so got bank loan is principal approved right now we getting a deal of this bigger flat last month end, loan is under processing currently and evaluation report just out now about 450K for this flat. So end up three person or even lesser will stay in this flat as this bigger unit have three bedroom have option to partition another one maybe next time from one of two big living room. It also have front balcony at front entrance and kitchen service balcony at the back link to toilet.

My job contract is extended for a year

After this 5 month extension, my job end of last month had extended for a year, and it will be on a yearly extension basics. After this 5 month extension ended in 05 Aug this year, I will be getting a pro rated gratuity bonus in this month September pay. After that it will be a month gratuity bonus on every  year extension job contract completed. Every job contract extension there will be increment of basic pay to about 5% each.

I had gone for some job interview to send out my resume but at this time I had stop my job search for the time being. I spend a few days at the end of may this year to send out some resume and attended one interview, stop a while and last month middle started a few days to send resume online or e-mail attended one job interview. I find that my current pay is quite high and hard to ask to match my pay or even higher so stopped the search. The reason is to start job search early as this job may not be renewed but now I accepted the pay offer and extension end of last month.