Month: August 2022

Notice there is a spam message posted in my blog at 26 Aug 22.

I put that message as private. I do not know what really happened and no need for me to spend any effort find out. Even hacker come into my personal blog also not much use to them as inside my blog no money there. I also got maintain full backup daily weekly monthly on my remote storage. I monitor a while if will happen again.

Maybe my blog is running over 10 years, some inactive plugin is still there so I removed all of it as it was too old to prevent this happening. I running more copies of full backup on my website instead of a few just in case.

I using VPS, low cost using EURO to pay instead of USD is much cheaper due to conversion currency rate. Located under a local data center in

I just recertified my cisco network product knowledges and skills which going to expire soon.

I Just got recertified as my cisco network certification going to expires in 1 Oct 22. As I took a different paper but the cost of the exam fee is the name as last time taken in 1 Apr 2019 to passed it. So my cisco certification went up from Associate into Specialist. If I study and pass another exam in Core which exam fee is more expensive maybe got to study more harder I can level up to professional within 3 years from now before it expires to be invalid redo all over again.

God Salvation and Secret in Heaven

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Can be Rewards, Eternity in Heaven. Gen 3:1, God created the serpent, so the Sins come to the world. Serpent is not from evil which I or you can be misunderstood by it. If no sin, holy scripture would not exist and perfect. God is perfect does not mean He will give us 100 percent all good. Ultimately, once we reach heaven to be perfect in the end.

As explained before in John 3:16 and in verse 17, the word might be used does not mean we are saved to go heaven, no good deeds overall or did nothing will be in hell. Main point will be your overall good deeds. Why I got this revelation is because in my blog written I picked up some litter you all thanks me for keeping the church clean but next month end up more rubbish left behind that Jesus is angry with me why am I picking up rubbish in the first place. Rubbish was created after the holy communion.

We do not normally Lie, but if you Lie and overall is good deeds you will be in heaven. As I read in Rev 20,21,22 it mentions about book of life in chapter 20 verse 12, rewards will be given accordingly to what we had done in chapter 22 verse 12 and in verse 14 got mention about washing of Rob to go heaven. Rewards does not mean there is big or small rewards as holy scripture does not state, can read Mat 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents, all will have eternality in heaven even the rewards are different. Likewise, if you gamble responsible, you can be a good steward of money but best not to do it and I cannot show you example how to do small bet.

Therefore, people who commit crimes like stealing or misuse also the same meaning maybe once or more, turn a new leaf featured on television also can go heaven. Of course, if you destroy life like drug trafficking, murder if own self suicide also the same, will not go heaven as God love all, he does not condemn anyone unless he owns self-overall doing evil deeds causing it.

You can watch a video on church preaching for 3 hours from Sarawak blessed church, about why preacher lie, but not all things can follow as church says, please use some common sense. They worship by knee down sings 4 different languages. (768) 2022-07-31 主日第二堂 – 比尔.威尔森牧师特会 – YouTube

Lastly, God created the world in Gen 1:1 from day 1 to 6 and rested on 7th day to enjoy the works that he had done, like if you study music in general, there is A B C D E F G, G is God, also Good, also Grace to do good works for God which is what grace revolution is about. Like Work a lot then rest to enjoy a lot like Baby born to learn work then become old to retire this kind. Not first to rest a lot or a bit to get increase a lot. God rested on day 7 like us to be able to do greater better works later to start a new week.