Hi City Harvest church,

I could not sleep well now at night supposed to wake up early go work at my new job just started.

I remember before our church got into crisis, last time very long time ago National Kidney Foundation also got sell ticket to support lucky draw event as for charity’s sake first prize is condo into serious trouble.

I do not recommend this to be conducted in our church premises if most Christian or church goers here believes in luck or not.

Other faith got practice in believing luck or praying about it, like Job, financial crisis, normally they are blessed by external means after that, not within the religion or charity premises or means. Just like how our church produce and sell secular album got into church misuse fund issue later on.

I was water baptized in city harvest church Singapore and I do love this church a lot.

Is not possible for me sharing too many stuffs in my short little a few video messages in my blog just over 15 minutes each.

It is different compared to going for secular sport competition to win a prize as God will be glorified and people will encourage as God give us the strength we needed.