So I went to open house as previous post I call the church to ask for more enquires. The timings are rather long. At start I will be put under probation 3 to 6 months to join choir ministry which have to come every Saturday for practice and rehearsal from 1.30pm to 5pm plus. If I show some improvement I will be out of probation to serve in 7pm Saturday miracle service. Then I will be on roster for fortnightly like Saturday 1.30pm to 5 plus, then dinner then 7pm Saturday miracle service plus next day Sunday continuous for 9pm and 11.15pm services. I ask What about the services in Sunday afternoon 3.15pm no choir but support singers. She said that the support singers will not be train by her in the choir but under a pastor normally selected from choir if they serve long enough and good. So I do not have too much time I decided to call off the audition not to join church choir to serve in ministry. My vocal teacher knows about this later on and said the timing is also too much for this church.