I did feedback to them about this issue quite a few years ago some cinema venue got too many people come very early to reserve seats, can be one person reserve seats like whole row, at least a few seats not just one or two, the crowd will start to stream in for services like started 5 to 10 minutes ago to get the reserved seat but in the end it become more worst now. I do not think people can really reserve the seat just like that, since the cinema hall is very small, less then 100 seats, some cinema had bigger halls at most 200 to 300 seats. If people need to reserve seats, can go bigger place like main church building or bigger venues as cinema hall is really too small to do that. I understand that church main building security had put too many restriction on security, hence people no choice got to go other places like cinema venue. When I go church man building for services some time ago in the past, all people had to do bags check, they do not have x ray machines and metal detectors. So a poor old man carry a big bag full of clothes were asked to do security check, he take out most of the clothes in his bag and put back after done security check, me just a small bag also check. I find that this could be invade privacy and causing inconveniences to many people also.

Last week Sunday 17 Jun 2018 I was here early for service about 1120am.
Something not right is happening which is my first time in my life go to church.
Since it is also a father day,
the Asher told one person, no sound, the person left the place not attending church service.
the Asher told a couple, no picture, the couple left the place not attending church service.
the Asher told a family, no sound and picture, the family left the place not attending church service.
Of course I unhappy about it, but anyway if I cannot enter church services, I prepared to stay outside till services end or go inside no sound and picture.
So I went in, they just stop me for security check, I put my bag down, take out my music books, music folders, tablet so that they can do security check easier. But they did not even want to come near me to see all my stuffs at the tablet, also even to take a look at my bag, asked just pack up and leave.
I pack up and go to church services, I thinking, what a Hell saying loudly. I mean if you want to check just check, if not then no need to ask me do security check.
I went in to the services, was shocked that got sound and picture working perfectly till the end of services.

As of just now Sun 24 Jun 2018 I come 1120am to join the que outside. The Asher told me is full, I told him inside is not full as there is a lot of reserved seat and many people without reserve seat also just went in without join que to try luck if there is seat. So I waited from 1130am, ten minutes later Asher come out keep telling people no seats, but I do not see any pastor in charge come out and say in official way. I waited till 1319pm saw a large crowd coming out so the services end.
So I look at the photo taken, thinking like there are full of people need Jesus since I saw the word there FULL in the entrance, Jesus said “You are not welcome to any churches, you may do father business as usual.” So I left.