On Sun 14 July I called M1 to terminate Fibre. So just now M1 come to took the ONT where my parent is in. He told her that I want the LAN cable so she called me. As I talk to him he is demanding back a LAN cable as I told him ONT, fibre patch cord and AC adaptor is in. If he want he can go to my room to took the cable there on top of my piano left side. So what he does is that he mess up my other ISP connection by plug out a live network connection so my voice is not working till I come home and I was shock to found out. I attached four photo.

DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0032

This is very unprofessional, I called up M1, she said send photo to her MMS mobile so I did send these 4 photo as above. So She call me received and said can waived the ONT collection charges of S$18 before GST and not other so my bill will be extra S$200 for termination charges and penalty next month.

If I paid next month bill fully by next month and found out that port 2 of the TP is not released, I will go to Sub Court Small claim to submit an money order of S$10,000 to M1 to lodge a case for this as if very high amount small claim cannot do it need to hire civil lawyer where the law firm can accept your case by download purchase a business profile and download claim form typed printed and sign.

Then I got to see the registrar and with M1 see what they say. If not successful or I rejected their offer of small claim like a bargain of less than 1K for example, the registrar may decide put our case to trial.

I heck care if M1 says like it is opennet issue or technical issue not able to release port now. If they can’t do, pay damages. I monthly pay S$39 for 100MB fibre without fail since end mar 2012 to M1.

If that M1 guy is Elvis Seow as written, if I see him I really f**k U on the street.