This happened on sat 5pm services on 31 Sep 23 when I attended halfway after he said finish left at 6pm. On special offering weekend Sat afternoon 14 Oct 23 most of the cashless giving of a major bank was down, they will have to find alternative ways of giving or use other banks or cash on that day.

Hi city harvest Church,

I feel like no one in the world knows I was water baptised by pastor in City Harvest Church Singapore now and forever as I keep writing feedback in to all of you.

I was sadden by the video produced to invite unbelievers come dialect services but in the content encourage gambling. Last time feedback was Chinese church had a lucky draw booth which was not appropriate. Please do some research next time to put up appropriate content especially there is young children watching this as under the law they cannot buy lottery here.

Also Pastor Kong Hee had mention the love one just go heaven will he go find Jesus to discuss if his theology preach correctly on earth on last Saturday evening services not Sunday morning services. I was even more sadden as pastor kong sit in prison for a few years and out now due to misuse church funds only love money not people. Pastor kong in the first place do not know what heaven really is by saying this kind of stuff. Even other faith or not believe in any god will know what heaven is so they can enter heaven not pastor kong as he misunderstood. In heaven everything is perfect once come in no need to discuss as everything are right inside always happy. There is always white bright no darkness black. No one will in heaven says about earth in anything if i not wrong? Other faith says those on heaven will bless us on earth maybe as i not sure now if they pray. We should seriously ask Pastor kong to step down now as a founder and senior pastor of city harvest church. Can ask him become taxi driver better to talk rubbish entertain passengers better. They are good pastor or leader can lead us if this really happen, like Chinese service she preached the sermon but maybe her English not so good to preach to most of us in this church English speaking so not become the main lead in the end.

Last sat service I attended for an hour and left halfway due to helping my mum with her flower pot broken to replace as flowers is big heavy to lift up so going big sis house for her cooked dinner as I stay with second sis house. As You may know my age my mum is very old now as I only son to help her doing heavy task. In attached photo, we should get a new building as very suffering for me if I cannot see infront what is it the screen are mostly blocked too small sitted at the back. End up I have to see online or on demand service after it had been uploaded all the time. Is good also to do overseas mission but what the point if we keep renting halls no proper building, like in order to marry a love one, we need to buy a house together to settle down and not renting forever in our marriage right? Already feedback to adjust the service timing but I think is beyond my control does not fit my schedule well.