I receive the e-mail in Last month June, I though it was a mistake made by the staff or spam so I did not reply. A few days later I received the e-mail said that she did not receive my reply. So I not sure if this got to do with anything with my previous posting of what the worship pastor had said to me or they are really inviting me. If you do not know who is worship pastor DANIEL CHONG in this church you can go the church web site at http://www.newcreation.org.sg under about us, our pastor, the zone. If you cannot find it maybe his profile and face photo is removed for example he resign.

So I do not know how to reply so I wrote I think it may be mistake as I submitted the application on this year February end but receive no reply. So she replied and said sorry pastor Daniel had spoken to me so I no need to come for worship ministry introduction session. After this session if I interested can sign up to go for audition. I wrote to her and said I blacklisted from this ministry anymore so do not made this mistake again. So I forward the e-mail to my care group leader to said I may not welcome to this church so not able to come for your care group. She whatapps me an message said I am welcome to her care group after reading my e-mail. I do show concern and care about her care group so send e-mail to clarify why I having difficulty in come her care group as below.

Thanks for your whatapp send to me.
But I did not went to Sunday service very long time. Your care group is on Friday night either 1 or 2 times monthly hence I do not know very well the people down there on your care group.
Worship Pastor Daniel had spoken to me that I not suitable to serve in this ministry please serve other ministry instead. He said that my voice is very bad after hearing my video recording on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/kokwee81 over a phone conversation which he called. He said he often on the stage singing lead worship so I should know him as he said he sing much better than me. So I told him over the phone what other ministry can I serve in as Asher also need to smile greet people which I not good at. Then he said singing also need to smile. So I told him I give a pass to worship ministry, then he preach on the phone about the gospel of grace. I did not listen to him much about his preaching as it is over 20 minutes on the phone I need to work so hang up the phone.
My concern is if I keep coming to your care group even what the pastor and worship ministry staff had said to me as you welcome me still, I may create problems in your care group.
If the people in the care group are going to know that I did not attend sun service very long due to the pastor insulted me over the phone, you will have hard time leading your care group.
What I would like to suggest for you to do is find out from the church management about why can a pastor say such a thing to me over a phone as an answer so that you can deal it with the care group if any problem arise for clarification?
Then you think whether you want to do it or not to feedback to church management may not need to let me know about it.
I believe many people in your care group are going sun service regularly, at least serving in a ministry or not going to or starting to serve.
But to me I no where to go and serve as even security to smile at people and children ministry to handle children well.