Month: May 2013

I left New Creation Church Singapore at end of April 2013.

I left due to the reason that I submitted to serve in a choir Ministry since End of Feb this year. I received a call in my working hour from a worship pastor as so he like to hear do I have any recording done before. So I told him he can see it at . After a few minutes he called up and told me that I had a very bad voice, he as a worship pastor on stage sing better that me asking me to serve other ministry instead. It was over 20 minutes on phone and I have no time as I need to work so I hung up without listen much of what he preach to me on the phone for the gospel of grace.

I had let my care group leader knows about what the worship pastor tell me that I left her care group and send to church a request to remove my particulars on the database such as NOAH so all these had been done. I no longer attending new creation church regularly to made it my home church. I currently visiting other church.

I resigned from church membership from lighthouse evangelism in 22 Dec 2012 Sat.

At that day after last weekend I went to Batam trip with cell group I met up with my cell group leader simply saying farewell to his cell group as he had given me the blessing to left his cell group. That trip to batam was not very enjoyable even they had put an effort of organising about 33 people in a group to go together with a tour guide. Even thought it was quite costly, the foods are not really our taste and we are an expert to waste the whole food on the table even we are a believer of Jesus Christ to let everyone see. The clothes also like not so nice and my family said this are of a poor made come here and sell.

End of last year in 2011, I attended the church membership class and was accepted to be a member. The reason why I sign up as a member as I last time want to join the church choir like praise light so I call up the church and the staff told me I need to become a member of this church in order to arrange for me to go audition. After I was a church member, I call the church and the staff will arrange a pastor to speak to me. So I met up the pastor in church and he said I cannot join the choir due to my voice does not blend in well to sing in tune without even arranging an audition. Plus the batam trip I was quite disappointed then I resign from this church membership and left to look for another church to worship.

City Harvest Trial and updates.

I would not be providing much update on City Harvest. The first trial had been started on Wednesday 15 May 2013 and ended on 23 May 2013 Thursday take about six days. I think on the Tuesday 21 May 2013 on the news channel 8 10pm that City harvest church misuse fund due to the reason that they are going to support the cross over project for Sun concert or singing music etc. but due to the bank loan interest is too high they had hold meeting that about 500 executive member which they had consent to use church fund to support the project of preach the gospel to let people to the Lord. This may be happen way back about year 2008. Even the church had said that there are no loss as the money had already been put back.

The second trial will start like on this year August or September. As you know I go to some news web sites to simply copy and paste the contents on here and given the reference. As city harvest had started the trial so I would likely giving less update or not at all until the second trial.

State of play of upcoming City Harvest Church members’ trial

  • By Claire Huang
  • POSTED: 07 May 2013 10:59 PM

On 15 May, all eyes will be on one of the country’s most-anticipated trials involving six key members of City Harvest Church.

SINGAPORE: On 15 May, all eyes will be on one of the country’s most-anticipated trials involving six key members of City Harvest Church.

The six, including founder Kong Hee, are accused of misappropriating millions of dollars to fund the music career of his wife, Sun Ho.

In May 2010, the Commercial Affairs Department launched investigations into certain financial transactions of City Harvest Church.

In June 2012, five of its church leaders were charged in court.

They were – president of the church’s management board Kong Hee, vice-president Tan Ye Peng, board member John Lam Leng Hung, investment manager Chew Eng Han and finance manager Sharon Tan Shao Yuen.

In July 2012, finance manager Serina Wee Gek Yin became the sixth member to be charged.

The six leaders are accused of committing criminal breach of trust.

Kong Hee, John Lam, Chew Eng Han, Tan Ye Peng and Serina Wee allegedly misused church buildings funds amounting to S$24 million by channelling the money into two companies, Xtron Productions and PT The First National Glassware (Firna), as bond investments.

The misappropriation allegedly took place between January 2007 and October 2008.

Chew Eng Han, Tan Ye Peng, Serina Wee and Sharon Tan are said to have misappropriated some S$26 million to cover up the first sum.

The same four church leaders also face four counts of conspiring to falsify accounts, said to have happened between April and October 2009.

The funds were allegedly used to boost the music career of Kong’s wife, Sun Ho.

Leading the prosecution is Mavis Chionh, who will be assisted by five others. They are Mr Tan Kiat Pheng, Mr Christopher Ong Siu Jin, Ms Grace Goh, Mr Joel Chen and Mr Jeremy Yeo.

As for the defence team, five of the six accused persons are represented by senior counsel.

Tan is represented by Senior Counsel Chelva Rajah and N Sreenivasan, Lam by Senior Counsel Kenneth Tan and Mr Nicholas Narayanan, Chew by Senior Counsel Michael Khoo, Sharon Tan by Senior Counsel Kannan Ramesh and Mr Jeffrey Ong, and Wee by Senior Counsel Andre Maniam.

Kong is the only exception and he is represented by Mr Edwin Tong.

Channel NewsAsia understands the prosecution will be calling about 10 critical witnesses, while the others have yet to be confirmed as of 6 May.

Details are not known, but accountants and individuals from Xtron and Firna are expected to take the stand, with at most three witnesses slated to appear in the first tranche of the trial.

– CNA/xq

Statement from Commissioner of Charities Office on City Harvest Church

Apr 23, 2013

 The COC’s office has received queries from the media regarding the process of inviting representations from the public, and provides the clarifications below. 


2.         The COC’s Inquiry has found misconduct and mismanagement in the administration of the City Harvest Church (“Charity”).  The removal proceedings are part of a regulatory process under the Charities Act which follow from the Inquiry’s findings.  The COC’s office is now seeking representations from all the affected individuals, and members of the public on the proposal to remove four of those individuals (i.e. Kong Hee, Lam Leng Hung, Tan Ye Peng and Kelvin Teo Meng How as governing board member, trustee and/or key officer).


3.        Should any individual wish to be granted access to the Inquiry Report, the individual may write to the COC’s office to make a request.  The COC may at his discretion grant such request.  In determining whether the request for access to the Inquiry Report should be granted, the COC will consider whether there are good and sufficient reasons for example, whether the individual has provided the COC with information which may affect the Inquiry’s findings given in the Annex to the COC’s press statement dated 9 April 2013 and why access to the Inquiry Report would be necessary before he/she can make representations.  The COC may require the person to provide a formal statement in addition to other terms and conditions which may be imposed.


4.         All the suspended individuals and their lawyers were given access to the Inquiry Report after they were served with the Suspension Orders in June 2012.  The Charity’s Governing Board also had access to the Inquiry Report as of September 2012.  Furthermore, the COC’s office provided copies of the full Inquiry Report to the 8 suspended individuals to enable them to make representations on their case when they served with the Notice of Intention to Remove. 


5.         The COC’s office would like to reiterate that his proposal to remove the 8 individuals relate to their management and governance roles in the Charity.  The affected individuals may continue with their religious duties as Pastors of the Charity, as this is separate from the holding of any governance or management positions.  The COC will consider every representation fully and fairly, before making the final decision.  Please refer to the attached Questions and Answers on the COC’s proposal for removal.

Refer to Annex A for FAQs