My blog had not been updated for quite long, let me give you some update.

I had stopped my future study in degree since last year start of November 2013. The reason is because the school had released the assignment very late at end Sep 2013 for three modules, At start Oct 2013, there is one module on programming PHP with MySQL to design a web site given the server login to able to do homework and four weeks later due date for assignment. As I cannot finish my assignment online for programming as documentation no time to do it after given a demo to complete some function but not all, plus two other modules need to do case study which I show the lecture some part of it and she said totally out of point need to redo. Then I seek small claim tribunal to ask school refund me S$4000 school fee out of S$7700 plus half of the school fee paid. The director who is the school registrant come said no refund. So the assistant registrant of the small claim tribunal look at a copy of school contract given by school to seek CPE, to resolve our problem as she is given me three weeks if cannot resolve will submit to the judge to decide the case in trial.

So I seek CPE, he said my small claim case must be closed in order to proceed. So I done that and the medication was called, I paid S$120 and school paid S$480 plus additional 7% GST. I told both mediator that I withdraw study and seek partial refund is because all the three modules were finished the lecture and I left a month plus for both module and 4 weeks for programming modules to do assignment and I left very little time to do and did not receive much help from the lecturers. So end up the school said we are middle man cannot do anything like demanding the overseas university to tell us next semester when is the estimated or excepted date for the assignment date to be release and dead line to submit.

So end up I go to arbitrator scheme in early Jan this year. I paid S$130 and school paid S$1170 no GST needed to pay. So I ask the arbitrator and he teach me how to play this game as once I broke the rule game over and I get nothing. If I win the case I get back claim of S$4000 and if I loss by the arbitrator who is the judge I get nothing. So I submit my claim with some e-mail to school and replied, the school submit defense which is very thick document mostly contain rubbish irrelevant to the claim and also no proper form fill up and attached. So I submit my defense again with some more supporting documents like e-mail and also a letter to overseas university to support my excuse to defer the assignment submission two weeks later which I reply no reply at that time weather is approved or not.

So the school director wrote e-mail to arbitrator and cc us to defense of what I written. So I wrote an e-mail to arbitrator to disqualify her email according to arbitration rules as I wrote this is never ending. I know the rule and the school broke it. So the arbitrator said and agreed that the school should seek his approval before submit any defense again. So Arbitrator ask me if I had anything to add on if not he will close the case and decided a few days later as he mention the dates. So I wrote and defense that I need to work cannot spend 4 hours daily to do assignment if each modules were given 50 hours of assignment time for 6 weeks which the arbitrator agreed my excuses not able to complete assignment to submit well as even school said the rest of the student had submitted all my assignment except me by deadline and I ask if they had fail any module as school said cannot disclosed so I suggest to hold a hearing instead. At End Feb this year the award is out and I win the case. I send some e-mail to chase the school director for payment and I go down the school to collect cheque and later bank to en cash S$4130 which arbitration fee like legal fee is fully bore by school as they loss the case in End March this year.

About my work. I had been working 3 months and received 3 months pay slip. The pay and pay slip is out the middle of the month except first month which is later at the end of the month. My pay is from S$2460 last Nov now is S$2900 plus a month bonus should be credited next year Feb if only completed at least a year work contract. I need to go work after 9am and left after 6pm Monday to Friday 40 hours not 42 hours as I am contract staff not a direct full time staff there. The travelling takes from 1.5 hours to 1 hour 40 minutes even from morning and at night reach back home. MC and leave are 14 days quite standard. Problem is at End Jan, I can start work in Feb but need to do security clearances take me a month a half close to start work Start March a few days later. Till now I not allow to use mobile phone with camera yet. No OT, No phone call at night or at leave mc to remote people computer to troubleshoot like a few times happen last job a few hours no OT and off when then remote phone support at home even MC leave need to support remote phone also.

For my medical condition, my psychiatrist said can reduce down medication gradually no need to take need family approval and close supervision. It is my first time hear psychiatrist agreed my request to try taper off medication as a few times I talk to her and she said medication I need to take these medications very long time as it is my best friends very good for me like vitamins even. My next appointment is Middle June 2014 and she will discuss with me about how to do it.