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Here are the notes. Gen 3:10, Adam and eve did not sin even though they eat the fruits from the tree of life to bring sin into the world. God show love for them in Gen 3:21 by clothing them as they were naked, in fear do not know what to do. Since both know what is good and evil, they are banished from the Garden of Eden to work the ground so in Genesis 4 the work begins. In the end if we show love for God and people and overall good deeds will be in heaven like book of life mention in the end of bible previous video message that I shared. I believe God show it’s love for us at first is in Gen 3:21 as both eaten. If they never eat that fruit from the tree of life, there is no love to be shown and I can’t go heaven show all of you my Love and God Love you. Love must start from now, not in heaven where everything is perfect as imperfection got sin(s) able to show love and do good deeds to let God see it. Now I had understood why I water baptize, is not because of God forgive all my sins freely and salvation is free for all for those who believe it. Freely believe, freely do whatever you want, like my previous video, people left rubbish behind after holy communion did not keep the place clean. Is it about God love and doing good deeds, sadly to say many churches preach wrong teaching like for financial benefits themselves. Love should be number 3, like die, if love is number 4 like Died does not make sense. Secondly, doing good deeds does not simply means giving and helping the poor and needy. It Is also taking good care of our health; not like we sick got cancer and kidney problems not able to do works well people look down on us may do evil not good deeds well enough. So emotionally stress also must manage well in school and work if not do evil deeds stress got go prison just listen to neighbor sing a million not enough 2 million song or not your hair turn white people starting to say handsome? Proper correct teaching of God word is important. A healthy body do good works compare to sick one where good works cannot perform much. Health is wealth, which is a true blessing from God. Even if you tithe or give 10 percent to church, without health equals to nothing. Only health comes with true wealth will give a lot to church well for long run. Do not be like you give church committed for 20 to over 30 years regularly often then you fall into serious illness, not worth it.

About my life update. Start of last month, I started to look out for job sending a few resumes to job posting, end up this week I have some face interviews and one online, as next week I will be away for cruise a few days so did not send so much resume and after that will focus on find jobs. My previous company still own me notice pay not yet paid up any as I started last month to ask through union. The amount of 5 days ends up a thousand plus due to termination early release, not simple a hundred or over 2 hundred dollars quite significant. Now the Ministry of Manpower under TADM will follow up the mediation to see the outcome, hopefully can use e-mail for mediation as I do not want to talk to them also no need attend court but no choice if need to go court, I must go. As you know I work for so many years I am being claiming notice from company like a month 3 times, 2 times if because I left suddenly then seek lawyer pay a few hundred he said I can sit there do nothing they pay you still good rather than you run away suddenly not to serve notice. The third time is a month of service fee of my salary as I left less than 3 months including notice to recruitment agency, whom these 3 times is they demand me paying, I pay within next working day not more than 3 days. Recently I found a job going to start work this coming Monday and notice pay received in full. During that period, I attended a short 3-day course in service management to pass exam and cisco exam to recertify, plus a 2-day course to drive a taxi and exam is very easy to pass. I going to sing a song, not a million or 2 million songs. Is a hymn which I do not learn to sing with a teacher mostly doing classical or pop online in www.preply.com website. I stand up, don’t you feel I slim down, back is straighter, face look young? Use headphone if you want for audio quality hope is good. I do not do long message like an hour as I show you a slide now simple is better. I work as Computer Engineer do all thing related in IT instead of CE Chief executives.