Month: September 2015

Not able to join choir status.

Pastor had received my letter and would like to talk to me on Sunday about it. I said it is a small issue just that the choir should told me directly if there is no opening rather than bringing up all these stuff to upset me. He will remind the choir to be more thoughtful of their approach. Then I said no need to meet on Sunday to talk about it. He said agreed but as a pastor if there is a need can approach him for a chat.

This Sunday just now I attended service to greet me asking me how am I and of course I said fine. Just thinking should I still keep attending this church as I have a feeling that my lifespan of attending churches become lesser and lesser as time goes by that I keep getting upset by people.

Bad incident not able to join 5pm Choir.

I just wrote a letter to Pastor Lee Yam Kai in charge of traditional worship music ministry for Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church Singapore send via courier.

This letter is for your info and my sharing. I hope you can read through this letter even you find no time to reply me. I had been enjoying coming to church and care group so just want to offer a help hand to serve in ministry. As you have spoken in sermon in last Sunday worship ministry not to seat down in pew do nothing but come to offer a hand.

I do not know who I can approach to ask for enquiry am I able to join 5pm choir as last year I join choir before and left due to some problem. So I message pastoral staff Justin mobile number to help me as last year he recommend me to join Zuriel cell group that I send request to church. So he reply my message that he pass my contact number to choir in charge to contact me.

So the choir in charge later call me stated that I am interested to join choir but Justin did not know to tell her I left the choir join before. So I told her this is not true as I have WhatsApp messages as a proof. She said that I have problem with choir in charge of morning service 8am Mr Peter Tan so if I join back sure will have the same issue back like the way he speak to me for me to hate him and left church. She also told me I thinking Mr. Peter Tan sing like that can be also support singer proof that the choir as of low standard. This had happen for a year ago, things will change as we learn forgive and forget to move on, like after church anniversary next month when I join back the choir, I can be friend with Mr. Peter Tan and choir will improve on. Lastly, she told me choir is not accepting anymore man as there is always men singing more than enough every week. So I was surprise as there are more than 10 ladies and 2 to 3 men singing most of the week only. Since this is the ministry decision to condemn me, I will not writing letter to ask you if can join choir again if not this is just to force them down the throat to join 5pm choir.

I do not know which ministry I can serve in as I had this bad incident already like in Asher people not happy punch my face or traffic marshal to knock down by car? As you see me church services, I do not have home church as I go many churches causing many problem to many brother and sister in Christ. Instead of consult pastor or leader, I pay money for a session with therapist or psychologist for advice as neutral and she said what do I want to do as she is not a priest or pastor? She said do I need a structured organization to know god. I decided and of course I do not need structured organization to know god.

Best Regard,

I just passed piano exam ABRSM grade 4

In order to pass the exam I need to get 100 marks, so I scored 100 out of 150 marks passed. Quite surprise as I done little practice not much preparation did not took leave for this exam except the day of exam. So this is the first time that I did my music practical exam before in my life.

I have my job and piano is not my income. This exam is more for me to test water to get some experience. Should be able to go grade 5 but some beginner stuff like sight reading need to take some time to learn as at most grade 1 to 2 level right now. Another piano teacher said pass exam is not easy, just good that I got a cert.

Previous piano teacher refunded my exam fee but also all piano lessons fee too.

Last post as I told her about my blog as written about piano exam, so she read about it her and about same day midnight she transfer S$1200 to my saving account. She said that she feel sorry if I unhappy about her teaching me piano but she tried her best. Now still waiting for the exam result as it will be out 3 weeks after exam from her.

I have a surplus of S$280, as 6 lessons I go to her house for lessons S$45 each, 13 lessons at my house S$50, so total will be S$920 and she refunded S$1200. I did not ask her for refund but she keep giving me money so I keep the money for my use. She is a Christian but very rich stay in condo drive a car but I am a poor chap Christian own no assets own many banks big debt.