My old Blog since end of last year had been gone due to an network abuse complaint from others to my hosting provider. Hence my account was terminated as no much thing I can do to resolve the issue of SQL injection causing from my virtual private server to attack other network. I am not able to find out if this is a true complaint or just a spam which I did not invest much money to get professional help quickly enough to save the old blog of my account being terminated. As I did not get full managed service to get the provider finding out more details and what can be done to stop it or remove this issue, I need to do it myself as a self managed service or find others to help me look at it.

As this is just a personal blog, I will not invest money so much to get it fixed so I decided to move to other provider. This provider provide full managed services at affortable price Since I decided to use new blogging software, I am not able to move old data so start everything new. Also I preventing my server from been hacked by using previous forum software to retain all data. Most of old content in my blog was about mega church update from online resources and how bad I was treated at the church that now you will not see in this new blog I just started. I will still write but it will be more like my encounter relationship with God.

You can refer to this link to get detail why my account was terminated at start of 2012.