I had been thinking about should I post it in my blog for quite a few weeks about this issue after I send out a letter to this church. But seems they have video streaming online on their Saturday miracle service so I had been watching a bit for a few weeks, some testimony shared on stage. Since I believe given sufficient time like a few weeks for them to do a bit of adjustment but they did not try to correct it, then I would post it here. I believe miracle service have many ideas and way of sharing it rather than this way.

21 Feb 2016 Sun

Senior Pastor Rony Tan

Lighthouse Evangelism Woodlands 

81 Woodlands Circle Singapore 738909


Hi Pastor Rony

This letter is writing about your church bulletin today Healing of Hyperthyroid and High Blood Pressure for next week Saturday miracle services to be preach. It had been a concern to me for many years for these kind of healing testimony similarly being talk about in many churches. Of course almost all medical treatment will have different side effect whether is light or heavy that you have to overcome it to lead a happy active life. If God promise that you get healing easily simply attending miracle service and go back pray mediate on God words, then I would like to say it is a cheap grace if shared out on the stage it is not very edify. And if this kind of testimony used on others that medical treatment does not help much reduce it or no need to have it anymore, it will cause much serious problem not able to enjoy happy active life. I recommend such kind of testimony can keep it to yourself no need to share in stage. But I have no right to control if this continue on.

On previous letter dated 22 Dec 2012 request to resign from your church membership to Pastor Colin which church had send reply that my membership was removed from church roll, till now it had been a right decision which I think. I put an excuse that I attend New creation church is I worried the church think I left church and nowhere to go church, I will turn cold to God and church will be sadden. Right now I do not have a home church to go for a very long time and not going to find a home church now as not needed. I was water baptize in City Harvest Church for a purpose of making it as my home church but after that I had many problem and left the church.

I hope the church will have a better testimony to share like battling illness to be recovered or getting a little better even to enjoy happy active life like God had given you a doctor which is Jesus and medical treatment which is Holy Spirit. In this case SATAN will say Good and left you which is winning the battle with devil. Testimony like Reducing to avoid doctor and medical treatment are cheap meaning become loser and if really God give you a miracle not too good to ask people follow God in this way. And if really God works in miracle in such a cheap way then can ask Government no need to invest in medishield life give us money better as most of the different faith God will heal miracle no need medical treatment.

Another reason why I resign church membership after one year is I not serving in any ministry even regularly attending cell group at that time. Plus I do not practice tithing so serve no purpose to keep the membership. I treat it as visitor to go church right now. I do not follow your church teaching too well. At start I going church to learn about Jesus and Holy Spirit. Once I have both with God I can be on my own no need to attend church regularly as normally people like me suffering from Schizophrenia a chronic illness long time ago till now does not get along with any brother and sister well for long. Like going learn driving passed got license as got Jesus and buy a car as got Holy Spirit but need to obey traffic rule in order to drive.