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I sign up on a GamerHD plan which cost S$69 monthly with free setup installation and Free router Asus RT-N56U which is a year contract. The download speed is up to 150mbps and upload is up to 75mbps. So it was installed in the morning 15 July 2013 by the engineer who bring in nucleus connect ONT to plug in port one of my TP, done signal test of the port. Then he use a laptop do a speedtest to plug in the network cable directly on the ONT. So we proceed to install the Asus router to replace my old Linksys E3200 for better in my living room.

Then we go to my bedroom, plug in the voice adaptor, he plug in the network cable to the switch to do a speedtest uplink to my living room asus router so it was no problem as I get the subscribed speed. The voice adaptor was already activated with a fixed line number allocated to me so I cannot choose my favorite number from a list. Then he ask me to sign three pieces of paper so he left about 20 minutes in my house. I e-mail the static ip form to them, but found out that I make a mistake in the mac address. So I call up the customer service and she gave me her e-mail address and cc to the e-mail address for the correct mac address. So I write to make amend on the correct mac address on the same form and scan to e-mail them. Very quickly about 10 minutes, I received the static IP address so I just put in to my asus router and it works immediately. I configured the VPN account on the asus router as it support only pptp as It does not support SSL or web based login at all. I tried on my windows 8 pro laptop and it works well. After a week later, I go to asus web sites to download the latest firmware at and it had even better performance and web video streaming and downloading improved and faster stable a lot as the firmware is quite old out of the box. So I received my first month invoice which I can view it on their website under myaccount and a week later it was deducted from my credit card on file.

The M1 fiber broadband connection was terminated at end July as previous post. So I need to pay S$160 of termination charges which I left 8 months for the contract to be end in next year march end. The M1 customer service officer by calling the call center had waived the S$18 collection charges for weekday between 5 to 8pm and every S$10 for mobile line discount for 3 months for the previous post as I made the complaint. I do not know should I consider to get second broadband line as backup like starhub cable 100mbps. If under two years contract it will cost S$39.90 monthly, S$24.90 for 25 mbps but both early termination charges of 2 years contract pro rated at S$400 plus GST same for both plan. If I getting another mobile post paid line from starhub then I will have additional 5% off subscription for their broadband and cable TV 10% off subscription and mobile line is from 15% up to 30% off subscription with yearly handset recon tract instead of 21 months. But I know that both starhub broadband and mobile are not so good in terms of speed of broadband and reception coverage of mobile network locally.

If you are in the hardwarezone forum like , you see the viewqwest is offering 5 usable Public Static IP for monthly S$50 to home user, but I do not think the all in one zhone ONT router can support. So you end up fork up pocket money even to buy Edge Lite router to connect to the zhone ONT router then got to buy another wifi router or wifi access point to have static IP and internet sharing on wireless or wired using NAT unless you have only have up to 5 network device so all configure using STATIC ip no need to buy router or use DHCP leasing 5 IP address only. Compare to Nuclear connect ONT and very small powerful fast stable cute looking design Asus Router RT-N56U then to a zhone router ONT all in one viewqwest is using very big like elephant. Up to now, viewqwest homepage, facebook, hardwarezone forums had no news on the sales of value added subscription of 5 usable public IP to their home broadband subscriber.