I started my degree course in informatics at 1 July 2013 Monday night. But after I going for three night classes and Friday night I received the e-mail from the school course admin staff there is an change of timetable I got a shocked. So I decided to withdraw from this school and went to other school to study. The e-mail stated that I have 4 Fridays in month of July 2013 and August 2013 extra. So two classes from first week of Sep is removed and the exam week will fall on second week of September 2013 without inform and confirm with any student in advance. The another two classes need to make up as the lecture told us before but the date was not confirm.

The way all the lecturers conduct lessons is not even professional and any proper standard at all. The textbook for the two modules they give me is all PowerPoint slide black and white. They just click on the PowerPoint slide and started lessons over 7.30pm and even 7.35pm instead of 7.15pm. They normally have a break of 20 minutes about 8.30pm so they teach and let you off about 10.15pm to 10.20pm out of the classroom. I do not think informatics Singapore is even Government recognized Edutrust certified. Even informatics said they are Edutrust certified, but if you like my reason in saying why actually they are not you can go to contact us page to put in your request. Then I will send you e-mail attachment of their offer letter. Then you can make claim at http://www.cpe.gov.sg to question them how can this school be Edutrust Cerified?

Their offer letter had no start course date and expected finish course date. There is no course fee in detail and how to pay. They only write I had been accepted into their degree course part time that all. If you going to apply bank loan there is no way the bank will put up the education loan for processing that all. So I had to ask the school course consultant what is the school fee like. So she said the school is offering a grant for this coming intake so their 4 semester course fee each is nearly S$4K  pay just before school term start so add up plus S$107 registration is S$16K. Each semester is 3 months so I should be completed in next Year end June. Each semester got to complete 2 modules, plus final project is double module occupy last two semester. So add up I have 6 core module where 4 modules have exam and a final project. I paid using DBS credit card for 12 months 0% interest installment like each month I pay S$330. they accept other credit card 0% interest installment like OCBC bank for up to 24 months and standard chartered bank for 36 months.

Withdraw also quite hard from this school. I go to school student service counter to submit an request. The staff do not allow me to do so which I fill up the counseling form and within a week the school department head will ask me to see him or her to proceed with withdraw from this school course. After a week I heard no news from them, tried calling the school student services also nobody pick up the phone. Contacted the school course consultant over her phone talk to her and message through and flow she said she will follow up and let me know. As I cannot wait anymore, I go to the cpe web sites as above and call the hotline, the staff ask me to send an e-mail to the school and cc to their contact e-mail http://www.cpe.gov.sg/general/contact-info and she is very sure the school will call me up.

As I send e-mail in the morning, afternoon the school course department head call me so at night I rush down from my workplace to meet the three of them which is another one my course consultant and school course admin. So after the meeting the school course consultant had made the advise to defer my course until Oct then start class again. This is the reason the school had decided that next term they will revert back to the old system of three semester in a year instead of starting this July the degree course part time four semester in a year. I know before that the degree course for this school take 1 year 4 months to complete not 1 year since the new intake July 2013 but I would not know later on for now. I had made payment for S$321 for defer 2 modules to start all over again. The school knows I had accepted in TMC degree course also.

As I successfully applied Education loan from CIMBBANK www.cimbbank.com.sg I started to study in Mid July as I miss two lessons as TMC had started the course earlier which I did not know as they though I defer to next year intake. So I wasted over 4K in informatics degree course in Singapore part time. As I quite settled in 3 weeks of TMC degree course part time. I call up informatics to go to school at night student services counter to submit withdrawal form sign in Tuesday 06 August 2013.