I just see my consultant in the morning. According to sleep study, I sleep very little like 1/3 of an overnight stay in ward for sleep study in Mon 10 Dec 2012. But I snore a lot like over 90 times an hour. So he is suggesting me wearing a mask, if not too much snoring the sleep is no so good wake up day can be tired. So this is CPAP which the cheapest he said will be over S$900 to 2k. He did not said I was suffering from sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea.

The blood test result is out, one test shows that the level is not high and another test shows that the level is quite high. So he said that if a level is high he may suspect there might be cancer, but this condition is very normal for most Asian people including himself also have the similar reading like me. Secondly, one of the scope photograph shows the nose airway is swollen so he recommended to cut a tissue from there after the aesthesia is applied to send laboratories for further find out as the cause due to we may need too much seafood like himself as Asian people also. As the cost is over S$200 which need to pay cash cannot claim by medisave so I said let me talk to my family about it first. So the next appointment was arrange one month later but I was not given any treatment any prescription. He also welcome my family member on the next appointment.

So on the first appointment Fri 07 Dec 2012, he done a scope but can pay medisave cost over S$200, the blood test to check for cancer two items cost over S$110 which I paid in cash cannot use medisave. The sleep study will cost over 1K can only done in single bed room A ward which the medisave already deducted S$450 and the final hospital bill I had not received yet now which can claim partially from medishield insurance the rest in cash after all the deduction. I am seeing as private patient not government subsidized. Of course If now got to fork out another S$200 to cut the tissue in cash got to be wait. So I paid for the follow up appointment to see consultant only.

After I talk to my family members, they told me do not waste any money. For my snoring it is very normal as everyone in the house snore a lot. Buying the CPAP to put on mask cannot sleep even so the doctor just talk cock want to earn money and also no need to cut tissue to spend money to find out if there is cancer as blood test shows mildly raised reading. For my nose airway swollen causing narrow just see Chinese physician a few time cook herds to drink sure heal the swelling of nose airway as this doctor earn money go treatment not well make condition worse even as my family said. So I got to cancel my appointment and hope that I explain to my psychiatrist on 05 Feb 2013 Tue she will accept my explanation if I cancel the appointment not to see the doctor anymore.