On the 04 Dec 2012 Tue morning I see psychiatrist for following up appointment. I ask her about two question which I always forgot to ask her during my appointment. First I ask her if I want to go Lasix what is her recommendation. She said that it is waste of money and does not have good vision even after done a while later may need to wear glasses. Glasses is mean to wear it look fashion and to protect eye from dust and infection.

Second question that I ask her was what about my loud snoring problem for many years. She take my blood pressure for the first time, but found that my blood pressure was high. So she ask me to relax took the second time a few minutes later decrease a bit but still a bit high. So she ask me to see ENT. Then I said this is very common problem as everyone will snore. I said I think about it and she said will write a refer letter. So I agreed and she write a refer letter pass to me immediately.

On that letter she wrote that I diagnose with schizophrenia but having stable income job currently that I have loud snoring many years suspect sleep apnea with blood pressure mildly raised. I was so shocked but anyway I scanned a copy of that refer letter those who want it can wrote to me and I will send it to you. I was asking about my condition since many years ago and she said I need to take medication as long term as this is vitamins and a good friend to me is for my own good. I did not know what am I suffering from until I saw that refer letter. So I arranged an appointment to see Ear Nose Throat Specialist. Will let you know another post what going on to diagnose sleep apnea.