I had been changing a few teachers already. I ask my family said that it is wasting money to see ENT specialist. My psychiatrist in previous post refer me think that I can sing better too. So I ask my vocal teacher about her comment of seeing as this might not be the concern so she said that it is good to see if can sing better as I sound nasal when singing. So I let her know that after the vocal class on Sunday afternoon I need to ward into Hospital tomorrow night to do sleep study so I may not be practicing my singing. So she ask me if is for health first why not just cancel the lesson so I agreed to cancel the lesson. As she is going for vacation soon so the lesson got to arranged again next year when she is back. She is quite concern about when I started seeing ENT specialist to see if my condition to practice singing asking if I could find out my condition from the doctor I see as she claim to know him very well so I given her the permission. When I send her the image of refer letter then she knows I have schizophrenia as written there. I do not know how he got my doctor e-mail so she e-mail him and CC me. So my doctor replied that he cannot disclose my medical history to any 3rd party.

So She SMS me want to ask doctor to let her know the condition. I only can let her know by next appointment when I see the doctor on 28 Dec 2012 as all the report is out. So she Google on Internet to know that sleep apnea does not affect my vocal lesson at all so continue on. Then she go and ask about my schizophrenia as she asked her friend from US that if she is trying some technique and exercise to remove my nasality will cause schizophrenia. I said my doctor knows I am attending vocal lessons so no problem. Even with this illness if I able to sing well more than others then why not. She ask me what medicine I take so I told her I taking 200mg sulpiride and 50mg faverin every night. I let her know that nobody said I have schizophrenia even my doctor also. My doctor said my medication is just like a vitamin need to take for my own good. So I see psychiatrist is because my family will like to receive treatment to be stable in job income. I told her if she keep on showing too much concern then we cannot continue on our vocal lesson. So she ask me to memorize the songs chosen for exam and fix the lesson on next year start she come back from vacation and it is a pleasure to know me and that I had improve a lot.

On Mon 24 Dec 2012 at night I received the e-mail from her that I am suffering from schizophrenia need to check with my psychiatrist how much level of stress that I can take as she does not want to relapse taking exam and performance. She also show me a link from yahoo group and I read about people who reply of schizophrenia and stress question. I replied her that I will have to stop lesson immediately. So on 26 Dec 2012 she wrote to me wish me all the best and want to confirm if I want to withdraw from exam. So I wrote to her by deadline that if she is not teaching me and any refund if possible. I also told her all her reading and find out is totally rubbish to me as I do not all those symptoms happening as what she said and give the link to read so I told her again please stop finding more about my condition right now as more rubbish she will get. She replied that she is not able to refund me S$140 for classical vocal grade 1 LCM exam as it had been processed by the exam center. I decided to make a police report with her house address said that in verbal agreement on Sat 10 Nov 2012 I come to her house for vocal lesson paid cash to prepare me for exam next year 2013 Mar/Apr but now she refuse to teach me and submit it to the exam center representative office to see if a refund can be make by them to me.

She sms me again to recommend me another teacher she know charge same rate as her. I refused as my exam is on Mar/Apr next year and if the teacher she recommend is good it is not possible to prepare I left two months or less on Jan and Feb to attend his vocal lesson prepare for exam and want a refund since she does not want to teach me. So she said she will use her own pocket money to refund me the exam fee. I told her I will not give her any bank account number or my mailing address and payee name to send cheque to me as I had inform the exam center representative office in writing by 04 Jan 2013 Friday if they can refund me so she does not need to fork out her own pocket money. She also said about my condition even if controlled or otherwise she need to discharge me teaching vocal for safety. I told her she is irresponsible and wish her all the best and is hard to find student even. I also can say for safety since her house got dog running around may bite cannot have vocal lesson too so all I can comment her excuse is just make up.   

If by that date there is no reply or cannot refund from exam center representative office I will escalate to member of parliament.