I had a consultation with the consultation at the Subordinate court with an assistant registrar. On May I paid S$10 to log a case. Then see the director of the company but she said no refund. So a consultation was arranged on 3 June 2013 4.30pm, then the consultant come to represent the company. The registrar make suggest to give 50% discount so from my money order which I wrote S$1.3K become over 6 hundreds dollars. Then she go out as advised by registrar to call her office to accept the offer. So she come back and the company bargain five hundred dollars. The registrar said why bargain so much for such a small amount so I said never mind I accepted the offer.

So waited until 17 June 2013 which is the court order issue due date for payment at night my mail did not received the cheque, then on 18 June 2013 I called the office and she pick up to said they send out the cheque already. On 24 June 2013, I called so her colleague pick up and I said I going to get lawyer so your company will pay more if no payment received after due date 17 June 2013. On 25 June 2013 I called and talk to the consultant that I will enforce order if no payment is received. she said already mail out. Later at night my mail box got a cheque from the company bank in and Thursday afternoon got the fund.

My principle is not for money, it just that I not happy with the service so take them to court as the internet research shows in my previous posting. The registrar said to conduct trail decision is on him so I no need to have trail after consultation case closed.