I left due to the reason that I submitted to serve in a choir Ministry since End of Feb this year. I received a call in my working hour from a worship pastor as so he like to hear do I have any recording done before. So I told him he can see it at http://www.youtube.com/kokwee81 . After a few minutes he called up and told me that I had a very bad voice, he as a worship pastor on stage sing better that me asking me to serve other ministry instead. It was over 20 minutes on phone and I have no time as I need to work so I hung up without listen much of what he preach to me on the phone for the gospel of grace.

I had let my care group leader knows about what the worship pastor tell me that I left her care group and send to church a request to remove my particulars on the database such as NOAH so all these had been done. I no longer attending new creation church regularly to made it my home church. I currently visiting other church.