I would not be providing much update on City Harvest. The first trial had been started on Wednesday 15 May 2013 and ended on 23 May 2013 Thursday take about six days. I think on the Tuesday 21 May 2013 on the news channel 8 10pm that City harvest church misuse fund due to the reason that they are going to support the cross over project for Sun concert or singing music etc. but due to the bank loan interest is too high they had hold meeting that about 500 executive member which they had consent to use church fund to support the project of preach the gospel to let people to the Lord. This may be happen way back about year 2008. Even the church had said that there are no loss as the money had already been put back.

The second trial will start like on this year August or September. As you know I go to some news web sites to simply copy and paste the contents on here and given the reference. As city harvest had started the trial so I would likely giving less update or not at all until the second trial.