Last month I asked the psychiatrist three questions in follow up appointment for 15 minutes. First question were from the church, they encourage me to slowly pray a lot, slowly exercise in phyiscal then I will be healed to give God an testimony. They believe that if I on medication I am sick seriously that why I need it to recover from illness through God help strenght as doctors may not do that well. So I asking her what is the medical point of view in regard to church point of view as is this a false teaching of God’s word as they do not read to understand well of the faith?

Her reply was in the early days about the church view, there is not much medical technology hence access to doctor so they seek God. Now things are improving and doctor are easily accessable as well as medical treatment too so she might stated that this is the church view in early days and may not apply to nowadays overall context at today living on the church view. I also told her I believe in long lasting life and active lifestyle even I on medication now I still live better than those without medical treatment like die early due to illness.

Second question I ask her is about the family planning if there is problem will I be blame for taking so many medication in the long run causing it. She said man had no effect at all due to they are not carrying the baby unlike lady as sperm is well protected.

Third question is how long should I have a relationship with a girl to disclose that I have an mental illness. If I disclose too early, the relationship is very hard to continue as she do not know me well. If I disclose if I have a long relationship afraid she might feel cheap too much too long. So she said this is difficult to answer as there is no direct answer so best to get to know her first.