I had been finally confirm that I can quit church choir and no need to come for practice anymore. About a week I send her a message but she did not reply so I send her a message yesterday noon and she replied since last week I decided to quit choir then no need to come for practice at all anymore. I was mostly assigned to sing tenor as there is four part which lady sings highest Soprano and Alto and I sing Tenor and others lowest bass. The Choir for 5pm Sunday service is now less than ten people on stage altar to sing, morning 8am service is about ten plus people so add up total strength about 20 plus for combine choir in traditional services singing hymns. At this church Ang Mo Kio Methodist church in Singapore average total attendance is about a thousand over plus the 10.30am contemporary praise and worship eat up almost 40% over out of traditional 8am and 5pm services almost 60% every Sunday. I am the youngest as I come to practice for 5pm choir services as the rest is very old man and woman singing never been formally taught by a vocal teacher to sing before I believe not like me. If I come for 8am choir I need to wake up very early be at church in 7.30am if I wear robe to sing in altar before 8am services start.

For my house fiber broadband relocation is done last Friday afternoon up and running, almost all the things at my old house either throw away and most of them moved to my new flat. Now left painting and some repair work to be done then next week a few days later can invite people and agent to look at this old flat to lease out prepare to sign agreement maybe start next month.