This friend keep sms me many times that she want me to remove previous post. The reason is she does not let you all know she lost her virgin as it is suppose to be a secret between both of us.

I told her is my family will check or not and in a year or two once our relationship is deep and stable, if my family knows she is not a virgin, she may be hurt and sad my family angry I going to kill myself.

My family already said that since I know her just two weeks she disclose to me she is not a virgin, my family thinks it is too early relationship not deep stable enough not so nice.

My psychiatrist had replied my e-mail that she support the idea I should move on had many better things to do to drop this relationship as she comment it is intrusive in her opinion to dig out too much of my illness. I told this friend it may mislead her and it is doctor job to know the details to provide medical treatment well. My friends tell me since I broke up just be myself no need to find love now since both of my elder sister had not find love yet.

Sorry I cannot remove the post. I need this blog for people to learn about my life. I said it is very hard to recover our relationship, even I seek family advise can able to recover the relationship, we may not able to attend new creation church for the rest of the life as I in shame more than enough for break up and recover later on.

Mental illness must see doctor to see if medical treatment is needed. Any illness need to be treated as early as possible to enjoy life even more. I am not expert do not know if anyone man or woman loss virgin need to be properly deal with in order not to suffer sad but be happy enjoy life better more like an illness. If just keep secret is causing harm even more so I cannot accept her request to remove post.

If she feel too depress sad or hurt can’t sleep and go to work well, she may need to see doctor if medical treatment is needed. Then she can tell doctor the reason that she loss her virgin and I broke the promise cannot keep secret for her. Another thing is just now she told me via sms that she had two ex some more, one got sex before loss virgin and one did not. Medical care in Singapore even is more expensive, but much better than Vietnam I think.