I wrote a letter to New Creation Church Singapore yesterday send by fax and postal mail after I broke up with a friend.

I would like to feedback that I had invited a friend to a care group on Friday night 17 Jan 2014 whom I know her online in this web site http://www.singaporelovelinks.com/ as I paid a subscription a year premium member to exchange contact number. She is from Vietnam working in Singapore 6 months come to Sunday service for three times and first time in a care group till now I know of.  The care group leader had prayed that I will recover from mental illness fully. But the situation went worse in a relationship with this friend. She keeps asking me what my actual illness is. So I let her know the actual mental illness name I believe as even my care group leader may not know.

Today afternoon I went to see my psychiatrist for follow up consultation and collect medication. She even wants to know what the actual medicine name is, I let her know and the dosage amount per pill. So the relationship went on a rock and I broke up with her as a friend. The reason is she told me she is not a virgin meant to be a secret my family would not know but my anger go and tell them and she knows. My family said it is not good to let me know about she is not a virgin as the relationship not deep enough known less than a month. I respect her decision. I not sure if my mental illness causing our relationship to be in a rock if not properly understood my medical condition, so my family want to tell the church that please get my permission not anyhow disclose sensitive information like I have mental illness to others as she is new sit beside me hear about her praying for me. I hope there is a house rule and common sense to be upheld by all brothers and sister in church that in service on stage and care group shared by others are confidential not supposed to spread outside for internal use only. You may copy this letter to my care group leader if you want to. I feel shame to come this church care group and services if leader and other in care group know that I broke up with her might as well worship other faith better now.