Today is my birthday 07 Aug, I after work went out with a friend who I know her 3 months ago to watch a movie. This is the six outing I with her, 3 outing are movie at weekday evening, 2 dinners are weekday evening and one Saturday afternoon to evening went to see garden by the bay tourist attraction. She is a Singaporean Chinese a few months younger than me height is a bit shorter like 163cm as I am 172cm. Maybe she work a few years earn a bit more got went overseas full time studies in computer sciences bachelor for 1.5 years from poly graduated. She is not a christian so she visit temple a few times in a year as her family does not worship pray at home like mine family do everyday as in my family I am only Christian. Got ask her to come church instead to visit but all the six outing none are in church. She work in project management earn a bit more than me as I do not know her monthly pay exact but far away from my both elder sisters earning now.

I going to move from a flat of 4S 84 Square meter to 4A 104 Square meter, the new house is common landing so got two lift as mine is a bit lower single lift maybe new house neighbor better. It is just  two blocks away and we may get keys next month middle or end of Sept 2014 and in two months time after I have to miss this old flat to move to this flat. It is a resale flat from open market since 1984 build. It is my eldest sister who own it to brought it single name at age 37 four years older than me as she work over 17 years some CPF saving. So evaluation of S$395K I think she get it at S$389K should be final as we got ask the lowest of S$383K below evaluation from seller still at start of last month signed and HDB loan approved maybe now.

So this old flat belong to both of my parents name. But at end Dec 2001, we started moving in so we cannot sell right now. The reason is there are new regulation to sell house. As both of my parents are reaching 55 years old and above which need CPF to maintain at least 155K, and they are second time buying a house just sell it there will be stamp fee of 50K, plus a loan paid half now if took 25 years to pay with interest for HDB loan, so both my parents now both mum 60 and father 62 years old is empty nearly for CPF saving currently I think so. So this old house cannot get back any money for at least a few years or little monthly if deduct current servicing HDB loan, so they want to rent the whole flat out if left my father alone want to come to this new flat. As my eldest sister is working in a office near home about ten minutes walk, she is a manager had many Malaysian colleague in very long waiting list now to rent this old whole flat belong to both parents at offer price of S$2.3K monthly exclude all bills and expenses such as water and electricity.

I still working in this job over 5 months, end of next week I going to receive my six month pay which is out every middle of the month. Still good and relax as no need to work late no pay and report early to work for five days office hour.