Find out that my old VPS is performing faster to do some task like video conversion using ffmpeg. my old VPS I had buy 3 additional cpu core made up to 4 core to use in total to do video conversion for Intel CPU sandy bridge Xeon 3.3Ghz E3-1230 detected on 4GB physical RAM allocated 150GB on raid-10 hard disk is 20% more faster just now at 2pm compare to Intel ATOM 8 core all used 2.4Ghz C2758 CPU with pure SSD Intel 120GB 530 model and 8GB RAM DDR ECC installed.

I had updated my video on my piano playing in HD format, the size different of 1MB for audio bitrate different of 56Kilobits of Stereo 44Hz and now 192Kilobit 5.1 channel 48Hz. The conversion was done if US timing is after midnight to 1am maybe less people using the VPS server compare to I one person using Dedicated Atom server. If peak hour will the VPS server be slower than ATOM dedicated I not sure yet.