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I had been learning piano classical over 6 years as leisure and vocal for over 8 years as leisure. I passed my abrsm music theory grade 5 76/100 marks in Oct 2008 and Grade 6 just pass 66/100 marks in Nov 2010. I contacted ABRSM Singapore representative office and they said the exam registration detail will be out in middle of this month and registration online will start middle of October this year for next year March and April piano practical exam as End February next year is Chinese new year. This is my first time taking piano exam as the only music practical and maybe next two years in 2017 will take grade 6 as grade 5 may be similar to grade 4 except pieces and scale is harder. For vocal lessons I have no goals to take exam yet. The piano ABRSM grade 4 exam practical fee now cost S$250.

Here is the video done conversion manually using free tools of FFMPEG in mp4 to made stream able using MP4Box and the web server need to compile to load a module if you using Linux operating system like centos and web server apache http://h264.code-shop.com/trac H264 pseudo streaming module. The video conversion I did not use a program online running in PHP with MySQL like clip bucket. I using shell command to login into a normal user SSH account to do it well. I have two files, one is loading default of 480p at resolution of 480X720, one if click on HD is it will be at FULL HD resolution of 1080X1920 which will take much longer to load and higher bandwidth larger file so need to use a full computer system as normally smart phone and tablet cannot play load well. But the audio quality the 480p is better than 1080p as the audio bitrate is higher in 480p due to the setting I put in. As such maybe next time HD and normal video should use same audio bitrate. The audio is in digital 5.1 format as my full HD video camera have five condenser Microphone on top. But normally our computer system only have stereo speaker but more audio sound is capture compare to a video camera with stereo microphone which have two only not five. I am using HTML 5 player www.codoplayer.com not flash player as many browser and smart phone tablet able to play it well unless you using a old browser with old operating system like Microsoft Windows XP with Internet explorer 8 which already end of life like since this year April. Plus I have loaded a video thumbnail in JPEG before you click play.

This is piano exam piece B1 ABRSM grade 4 2013/2014 the sun is setting. The sound should have better quality compare to my YouTube channel if you click on my blog link or www.youtube.com/kokwee81