This is how I wrote to the church via e-mail hope they will reply soon.

I would like to give a thanks for a team of asher a few of the aunties who help me find my mobile phone drop inside the seat after Sunday Service 2.30pm at the Star 27 July 2014. I was seating in the centre front seat stall middle from a few rows to ten plus row.

From a lady asher she said is from team 10 at the star in charge is Mary Chia. She keep calling my phone to find where is it even my phone is under silent mode.

I do not know is it that I feel unhappy not able to book mid week service online as full or Sunday morning services very far seat not so good seat to give a 10 cents offering on that day or hungry ghost festival on the first day but the church would not believe in this.

But I concern is if people who never go to church before to que up at some location in the morning was chase out by the asher as is full or given a not so good seats at the Star it might be a pernament effect how bad the church is as we are the largest church in Singapore should have many who are new to the faith to visit us.