11072497_951926721514444_2252936457534746615_oSource: Photo from Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’s collection, taken from Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Kuan Yew First Prime Minister of Singapore had passed away in Monday 23 Mar 2015 0318H Singapore Time GMT8+

From this I had been thinking about few days to write Condolence and here is what I going to say in my blog and maybe post in my facebook.

“Hi Mr Lee, you had really run a Good RACE, building this nation not by any kind of unmerited favor, give more receive more or simply resting for increasing from any of this easy talk or teaching by others. This is what GRACE is which I really believe in. With  you, we all now have Good life a safe country place to live in, Good Education, Good Housing,  Good job with good and stable income. Hope you are fully perfect now and we will remember you always.”

Maybe later I going to Yishun nearest People’s Association community tribute to pay respect by just bowing down and write Condolence if there is chances there instead of parliament house.