I had just send out a letter to a church. I been attending care group but wish to change due to over crowded too many people come to a house, to look for a smaller group where the member are committed and effective minister to one and another. It will be hard and pray that close to my home there will be one.

Currently my care group I believe some people are not attending regularly as the church want me to attend regularly at all times. But even others are attending at all times if they failed to take down some notes in services when coming to care group they are not able to share what preacher preach which is what the church staff admin in charge of care group want before they could allow me to visit a care group. Some are attending very regularly but I may afraid they sleep in services so this may not be counting as attending a service. Some share a lot but went out of point of what we want to share in context with preacher on Sunday does. This letter is send out by courier and they should be receiving on Monday morning.

I understand from the church that I was refused by the church to join other care group ministry, had been calling church office main line but left my number and name with a staff so that they could call me back soon in the morning 9am 27 Feb 2015. Later at 10.30am I call to church direct care group ministry hotline and she told me that the church cannot recommend me a care group to attend as I did register my interest with noah online web sites.

After that night I attended care group asking the leader what did she told the church that I let her know why can’t the church recommend other care group for me to go. She told me that she told the church that I was settled down in another church. I ask her permission if I attend other church am I able to come her care group she said can. She thinks that this could be the reason and asking me if I still attending this church services regularly.

I said yes not always all the time regular as I have work in weekdays traveling time take me over 3 hours so always I out of house nearly 12 hours in a day. On Sunday I have piano lessons in the afternoon regular and sometimes later go vocal lessons so I am really burn out not to go church. Piano lessons on Saturday is full but I just paid exam fee for piano for coming July to Sep this year so need a lot of energy to reserve on Sunday for piano lessons so sometimes I will skip Sunday services. What I doing these does not put a good interest with your church and strong point to visit other care group, but I believe I will still give glory to God in piano and also my interest too. As such due to health issue, I need to gain enough rest, not to faint in service and church will send me to hospital due to that. And my whole family will put blame on your church if they know I need to Sunday services regularly at all times to feed the word of god so that I am allowed by the church to attend any care group of yours. Since care group now only in Friday night once to twice a month if I could attend well and worship share god words well why not the church stopping me?

I right now write this letter to you to show my unhappiness that your church treating a member like me to visit a care group. If the church thinks that I at risk then you can still refuse me visit care group. My care group leader cannot do anything to find other care group at most no care group for me since I left now.