God creation in book Genesis chapter 1 is for good work. Where we have problem in New testament Jesus was born to come and save us or help us as we have problem so that we can fix it and move on. In Book of Rev 1, then chapter 2 to 3 is about 7 churches, going to chapter 4 is about heaven. So definitely what I said about book 67 is correct. If you are in any believe, faith or religion, or you do not have any free thinker or you against any God, we should be doing good works, definitely not bad works or you even do not know about good works at all. Churches here are more towards business minded operation idea, where they did not know God is everything, if they know the truth much in the beginning, now is so much more better with blessing rather than business minded. Does not mean if you pray to idols is a sin, even got valid clause like funeral pay respect to immediate family member, or marriage even have no count as idolatry worship at all. Unless you nothing to do go and pray maybe is idolatry worship, this is what is about 7 churches about in revelation of what I said 67 book. Bad or good churches in those 7 churches does not really save you. Is the works of 67 books, maybe bad churches you in with your 67 books, you will succeed it in the end. Please do it right always if possible.

Currently I work in financial industry, but leaving in this month end as last day of work started work last month, in the past many years ago also financial industry. Both past and present financial organization are working as a contractor full time, not permanent staff in house. There is no system there to operate properly. There is a issue where there is an alien looking machine got problem, we go there cannot fix it so let others do it. Other said is not our machine and network, we also said is not our machine and connected to our network too. In the past not this organization, since we know the machine is rent not own by us maybe, we will try to contact support outside maybe to remote fix it may not need onsite visit.

We should know about national security. Even local or foreigner, this country or other country, or other planet, or other galaxy also need to know national security well even you know computer or not. We live in a new ERA with fast broadband all over the world fix or mobile, not in the past we use paper and pen and we call parent their pager for them to call us back. Definitely we are working in central database control everything, cannot be too slow pace, not spending any time effort and money now just do nothing. I may have to prepare resume soon to find job, but now in shame if work in this organization as I worked over 10 years plus in Computer system support in few organizations, got went to study some course get certification and school some years back.