What Jesus said now can confirmed is true. I do not need church to be a better person. Church is a public building for place of worship, can be a two or more people come to worship God. But I find why bible cannot say church is where two or more people come and make friends?

Yes, I having problem attending church as it is always full of people inside worship God, so just now I come a bit late just to observe will I have issue like 10 minutes later after Sunday service started. People knows is already full, scolded the Asher why cannot they go in. Asher like asking them did they book a seat, they did tell them the seat number, so they go in. I smile and laugh at them entering into cinema hall. I did not go in, as I did not book a seat inside so may not be able to go in. So might as well as go downstairs got ticket vending machine can insert money or card to purchase movie ticket so I can go in right? Anyway is really F not hell now. I went home after 5 minutes since I cannot go in.

I understand that people book seats, just like hawker center is normal, so is a personal problem not church problem, we or church cannot control much till now.

But the church does not have whistle blow policy, as you know the Asher can tell people no sound, no picture, no sound and picture, so people will left the cinema hall not attending services which happened the first time in my life in church as this issue can be very serious . The team trying to reduce people booking seats there but I think the situation will become more worse next week as we live in the ERA with social media, Fiber Broadband and 4G network not like in the past.

You read John 3:16 the most famous and sweet part, then verse 17-21 is all about works and right deed if not is dead. Then in the book of revelation chapter 2 to 3 it mention about 7 churches, but I thinks these 7 churches is about works. You can read all the 66 books in the holy bible, but what can really enter into heaven is your own book 67 most important, also refer as your works which is not written in the holy bible at past. So these 66 books can be just a guide line, how you perform is your own book 67.

I review about it a few years, since I not tithing regularly, even just give 10 Singapore dollars does not consider a tithe to church as a blogger here cannot be monthly earn just one hundred dollars only. Plus I do not serve in church, yes I do attend small meeting but it was too little so decided to give up stop coming. One year meeting is about 18 times average, not even 20 excluding big events or free and easy where no formal meeting is held in people house or meeting room like in church. So I recently just ask the church Data Protection Officer via e-mail to remove all my records in church to protect my data as it serve no use to them also just now send reminder if they had not done it so now. Even marriage like next time no need to be in church, as well as death will be under Singapore casket, as my teacher primary 6 got introduce me you need to go during an outing in school bus as he is very old at that time. My family support till now is well and proper.

I am a water baptize Christian, to really become a believer to follow him, then started to learn music shortly till now over 10 years plus in classical piano and singing not much progress. Now I started learn to improve my swimming like free and back style as frog style can swim 20 laps 50 meters pool in last month end spend about 45 minutes less than 50 minutes in water total, since over 20 years plus ago learn together with family. Also trying to learn Japanese language and maybe culture in read, write, speak. In few years ago, got attend commercial gym and personal trainer. So time in church is much less spend now maybe.