I think my post is very lengthy and you may not understand. But here is the find out and what I decided to do.

I seek NTUC as I am NTUC member paying monthly subscription now but job agency is not my employer so cannot do anything as it may not be employment issue and not covered under employment act. MP says can come for Monday night meet the people session and they can attempt to write a letter of appeal but since it is a private organization they are not obligate to reply. So it is pretty useless.

Even I seek civil lawyer they may not take in the case as my claim amount is too small not like 10K and above end up paying a few hundred dollars for consultation to seek legal advise. So I have to go small claim and I do not need legal aid how to do it as I done before. This is where job agency provide product and service to recommend job but I was not happy or unsatisfied about it. I had made payment like a month salary od S$2500 and want to have money order of S$2500.

Hopefully there will not be too much bargaining from job agency and/or registrar as I hope to get most of it if cannot be full amount. I will need to pay a fee of S$10 and obtain business profile of job agency if the small claim tribunal can accept my case to arrange an appointment with the registrar and both parties. I know that normally job agency charge a fee of 10% of employee salary to employer once they recommend job and accepted the offer like S$200 if the month salary is 2K. I do not know once I resign just like that the job agency cannot get the fee from employer so come and find the employee like me for it?

Hope this help.