I want to share with see if there is any kind soul here who can give me some solid legal advise.

I went to E-mail my MP in charge as I seek NTUC as I am their member. I told him that I went to e-mail NTUC so NTUC replied that they cannot do anything to job agency as it is not my employer at all which employment act does not cover. I want to tell MP in charge to hold themselves a meeting that job agency contract should be covered under employment act even if is a employer or not under a contract or legal binding to recommend job to people.

So the MP told me that he will ask NTUC to follow up my case and as requested I given him my NRIC number and Full name. I told him that my case is currently under a IRD Industrial Relation Department given her name and contact detail. He replied that he is glad that someone is following up my case. So NTUC also call me again that telling the same thing that I need to seek legal aids on my own.

In the beginning I was called by Job agency in Tuesday 03 Dec 2013 that there was a contract needed very urgently 2 months see if I would like to take it. I said can take it. So I went down for Interview at 6pm on the same day to meet the employer. After discuss why they need me so urgent as to provide IT support to this office only, I went to job agency after 7pm to fill up the job application form and signed.

So job agency called me up at Wednesday 04 Dec 2013 afternoon that the employer had given me offer of contract 3 months which the notice period is two weeks need to start work tomorrow 05 Dec 2013 Thursday morning. So I replied her e-mail said I agreed to the offer.

So on the first day I started working, most of the time the boss does not give me much work, look see people all around the office take water from pantry going in and out of toilet many times. A few days later I got some work to do. For example, people knows laptop cannot power on in the morning, I call up the Lenovo and the engineer come tomorrow afternoon so I can give back to them once it done. So the client call up my boss and demanding that the laptop is very urgent and need it back to be fixed in the tomorrow morning to check e-mail. So my boss is demanding me to get Lenovo come fix it in the morning tomorrow instead of afternoon. I told my boss that I cannot promise and suggest that why not take another spare same model laptop swop the SSD, so we did not open up the new one found a spare one own by a resigned staff so I took it and hand over the laptop to client in tomorrow morning. Lenovo had come to replace the motherboard tested working I signed the service report and left.

On the next day, I approach one user as need to change computer old to new desktop. She keep complaining that I want her password like very loud the whole world know to access her data do data transfer. So on 11 Dec 2013, I decided to send e-mail to HR to resign give 2 weeks notice on 24 Dec 2013 or at the most 31 Dec 2013 as the last day. I feel that my boss did not like to do all this shit so employ me to do the shit for him. My boss did not even shadow at first few times to introduce some users to know me that I helping him for a start. Later as the day goes by more demanding request from user unreasonable like asking me to do data transfer at 3pm and finish at 4pm. So I approach the user at 3pm, the user said she is busy ask me come after 5pm. I told her I cannot so she call up boss up and finally she let me take over the PC a short while at 3.15pm and I transfer Data from old to new desktop return to her get it up by 5pm.

So After my last day, I find that my last pay quite little so e-mail NTUC to check if got short pay. So NTUC said they only did not encash my leave and I need to ask my company. So I call up the HR and she said send e-mail and she will look at it. On yesterday morning at 11am 02 Jan 2014, I received a call from job agent that I need to pay a month salary and keep telling me there is a legal binding in job application form that I signed, the two week notices is only for job offer with the employer not job agency. Secondly, she told me that the company had pass job agency the work to handle my leave told me that the company cannot pay me give as they consulted ministry of manpower which I was not entitled to any leave. So I went down in the afternoon to pay them cash in person at job agency office. In the job agency office after I given them cash in full she told me that the leave is managed by the company not their job agency.

So on Friday 04 Jan 2014, the company HR called me in the morning said the same thing, some more the HR director says that they already consulted MOM, I was not entitled any leave even I just a contract work less that three months not confirm no leave. I told them that we had sign job offer letter that 3 months contract got 4 days of leave and letter of acceptance of resignation that unused leave will be encash. So NTUC knows and called me in the afternoon that asking me if I want NTUC to speak to my company, so I received the form and fill up send to them to authorize them to do it via e-mail.

Now I really know who should I cast my vote to in next government election in 2016. Past election I had been voting the same and after 2011 election many bad things had happened here. I think is the time to know who should I vote to for example like those who knows things do wrongly and hammer people to get it fixed fast.

I feel like getting legal aid. The reason is I resign I was not at fault should not pay job agent a month salary even I work less than 3 months. Why most job agency put that is because they fear people who hop job to better pay timing so put those people who resign 3 months or less excluding resignation notice pay a month pay but I am not so and I have the right to resign. So I suggesting to government employment act should cover job agency even if they are employer or not to recommend job.

I seeking legal advise if I get a civil lawyer, can I get back claim of 2.5k or even more like additional legal fees if possible how much the chances of winning the case? Who can recommend a better lawyer? I know some lawyer over the phone accept your case I need to come down pay S$200 per hour of consultation to make appointment in order to give advise by documents provided. One lawyer charge S$600 per hour which is too expensive.

So how? Should I consult lawyer for advise if not much winning chances to fight drop the case and find a job move on? I did not really want to go Monday night to see meet the people session with MP or in charge as I think they are many people who need it which they see every week not like me.