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My old Blog since end of last year had been gone due to an network abuse complaint from others to my hosting provider. Hence my account was terminated as no much thing I can do to resolve the issue of SQL injection causing from my virtual private server to attack other network. I am not able to find out if this is a true complaint or just a spam which I did not invest much money to get professional help quickly enough to save the old blog of my account being terminated. As I did not get full managed service to get the provider finding out more details and what can be done to stop it or remove this issue, I need to do it myself as a self managed service or find others to help me look at it.

As this is just a personal blog, I will not invest money so much to get it fixed so I decided to move to other provider. This provider provide full managed services at affortable price http://www.a7gz.com/. Since I decided to use new blogging software, I am not able to move old data so start everything new. Also I preventing my server from been hacked by using previous forum software to retain all data. Most of old content in my blog was about mega church update from online resources and how bad I was treated at the church that now you will not see in this new blog I just started. I will still write but it will be more like my encounter relationship with God.

You can refer to this link to get detail why my account was terminated at start of 2012. http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1113675

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  1. admin

    March 24, 2012 at 5:53 pm


    Extract from the post:

    For my understanding, I did change root password before the VPS suspended. I do not know if my root password is leaked so just change it. But I did not declare that changing root password will fix the issue that the BurstNET abuse department will accept it and continue as normal. I need to sleep and work whole day, not much time to fix my VPS which to host about my personal life blog. I can use facebook, youtube, twitter which is free and no problem maybe but I did not go and use it as I keep the reasons to myself as for these kind of social media.

    As BurstNET abuse department will required me by 24 hours after they send me e-mail to fix the issue if I did not resolve it then they will suspend it and US$50 abuse fee will apply. I login to my VPS, cannot find out any unusual causing it so I ask them further detail. After 24 hours had passed, The BurstNET abuse department find me did nothing much to resolve it and said I did not cooperate with them to suspend my account.

    So I decided to await them for termination as I find that even ask them to do OS reload install back the same software and content in VPS from my backup, this issue will come back again as it using same IP address same domain name.

    Even I search for professional help, it take time to look for one, paid them to do the job will take me 3 days to find out any unusual causing it. I will find it no point if the OS reload is done as no trace to get find out any unusual causing it unless I need to harden secure my VPS.

    After that few days, I decided to move on find other provider instead which can provide better services that I can accept. Now you understand my point?

    Please stop saying childish things to my reply. I understand how everyone feels but you also have to understand my situation also. But you keep flaming or whatsoever I find it no control to stop you from doing it.

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