I had done another desktop PC upgrade in which belong to my sister. Her motherboard is gigabyte Z68 chipset ATX casing, 8GB RAM total with 4X2GB, but CPU is Intel Core I5 2500 model. I swop her graphic card of ATI Radeon HD 4670 1GB as thinking there is no driver support in AMD web site currently with my ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB but still got blue screen when shutdown or restart even after update drivers from AMD web site so swop back. Her PC need to update all the motherboard driver from currently Gigabyte web sites for USB 3.0, Audio, Lan, Intel chipset as there is blue screen happen in windows 8 when it shutdown or restart. After that there is no more blue screen.

My PC finally got sound from line in. I do not know what happen to solve it but maybe I do complete shut down to power off the PC to start up try to plug in. Lastly, Windows 8 now start up more faster than Windows 7 as compare to fresh Windows 8 after setup.