This is the responses that my previous post uploaded some video in my YouTube channel my experiences feeling for the summary of my thoughts, some attachment of God words I taken down when preacher preached in church services as bottom.

These few weeks I had been sending some e-mail to you and I will take a break will not be spamming these kind of e-mail as got nothing much to say. But thanks anyway for the God words preached last weekend. In my YouTube channel if you had notice and following this would be my first time say about God words the most view in a short time got some likes and some negative comments. Of course as a grown up adult I do not tend to response too much and be bothered by it compare to when I was younger as I already mention God love everyone even if you believe him or not. There is no POFMA issue or harmful content.
As many people had said about knowing the bible in overall context, I had screenshot the bible verse. In fact John 3:16 was not meant to be a salvation message, as God never also condemn anyone too since he love everyone. People are being condemn because of their deeds were evil, not because they very hardworking, or they got some success and miracle, or did not believe in him. Even those who are doing good deeds and unbeliever does receive the light too as in verse 17 as the word “might” used and is not “only”.
Of course I did not stop any churches from practicing saying sinner prayer and got response(s) to be saved, or doing spiritual warfare to cleanse them by laying of hands praying and so on. I hope that the churches will get their priority rights to preach the correct God words even though saying sinner prayer and or doing spiritual warfare to serve ministry.
Even in the old testament there is already some message about salvation and the Lord. Maybe in the old testament you may have your favorites like Moses parting the red sea and so on, what so different about new testament in Jesus is that he is the only God who come to earth trying to tell us the correct message and ways of living, but people could not understand. So it is really about the the overall life we done, if overall are good deeds we are in the book of life explain in Rev chapter 20 then 21 to 22.
Some other faith or other churches may have done a mistake to misuse funds like a few thousands dollars got into prison, that does not make people doing more evil deeds. Like if you study classical music, G key will end up G notes normally, a major key normally is a happy song and a minor key end up a sad song. Like if you watch movie somebody thinking might as well watch the end part better or drama last part. So the key verse of John 3:1-21 is normally at the end verse 21 to focus on, like last weekend message preached Mat 5:1-12 for verse 12 about rewards in heaven. 
So We should be experience God like Jesus for example come down on earth to the fullest to enjoy daily more and more by doing good deeds. No need to have a big ministry giving out foods and drink to the needy, can be a simple one like help a bit those around you love them also good. Like a new born baby, if fed bad content do evil deed to grow up as knew nothing from start.

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