I had just attended last Saturday church ministry open house which is lighthouse evangelism at woodlands Singapore.  Before that one week ago last Sunday  22 May 2016 I heard about the announcement of church open house ministry called WOW stands for worship, operations, works of arts as previously was known as music and drama department, so I approach the counter after the service.

So a church staff who she is in charge of choir told me that just sign up for the ministry even I told her that I would want to know the schedule as I am very busy and sure crash many time cannot serve at all. She said that the schedule can be arranged. So I sign up hand written on the paper by leaving my name and contact which ministry I want to serve which is both choir and musical instrument. As the handwriting is not very clear, I went to church web site online to register as choir as only can select one then put in musical instrument played is piano. One day later the church called me up at night after my Monday night class that I sign up for choir need audition so can come for open house first.

As I attended open house, I seen all the ministry which they explain what they do, but they do not tell me exactly what is their schedule to serve clearly enough. As I have piano lessons weekly Sunday 1pm and Saturday 4pm vocal lessons, I could not have time to serve, especially in weekend I sleep in the morning wake up almost noon or even later Saturday and Sunday as weekday work the whole day. Unless I can give up my music lessons even both of them to serve in church ministry as you cannot excepted me to cancel music lessons often that both private lessons are quite flexible compare to music school.

After the open house, the ministry head will contact me next week which is this week for follow up, maybe I would ask the schedule before arrange for audition. I think is very unlikely for me just go for audition to be accepted first or reject as my schedule most likely will not work out. I cannot except ministry head to contact me telling me to go audition first later a few days if contacted to be accepted then talk later about the schedule to fit mine right?