Last Sunday on 14 Oct 2012 I went for 5.30pm services in Suntec City Rock auditorum. Before that I saw on their web site at looking for classically trained singer and orchestra. I asked the information counter at 7.40pm after the services on how to sign up, she said need to sign up online as there is no forms to fill up. So I sign up online through the church web sites and I was surprise that they send an e-mail which I received and read on tuesday night that they had arrange an audition on Saturday afternoon 20 Oct 2012 2.15pm to 3.30pm which they need to receive the confirmation by Wed 3pm 17 Oct 2012. In this e-mail they send me an link to sing the verse one of the hymns which they selected and I need to prepare to choose one songs as I cannot choose any praise and worship songs as they are looking for classically trained singers.

So I approach my vocal teacher as she is free on Thu night 18 Oct 2012 for a session of vocal lesson and forward her the e-mail that the church send me to prepare for audition. So I went for her lesson and she prepared me Classical Opera Aria songs in Italian which is Caro mio ben that is the only classical songs which I well known of and sing for years. So she also prepare for me the hymn which the church ask me to prepare compulsory. So I let her know that Caro Mio Ben in italian the church might have problem understanding it but she said that the church said want to look for classical singers so this will be the proper songs to prepare and sing rather than English old love songs.

So I did not practise much as Friday 19 Oct 2012 I did go for the care group of this church and I let them know that I not suppose to come as I need to practise but I already come so anyway let it be. Tomorrow Afternoon I went for the church audition. They use a laptop put in my CD and I sing Caro Mio Ben. The studio was too small to sing using projection voice as I was too close to the keyboard and they were seating. I started to sing and the music was too soft playback from their laptop internal speaker so I was loss in the spirit cannot follow the music accompliment to sing properly. If you want to hear me sing Caro Mio Ben can visit my youtube channel at but I feel the church audition that I just attended I sing a bit soft so a bit worse than my youtube channel. She stop me after I sing one minute and said that classical singing not easy as I need to find the correct teacher. I was quite piss off so I left. I did let her know that I currently attending vocal lesson with a teacher. I do not think my vocal teacher got any problem so not a need to find a correct teacher as what she said which I was not happy about church audition. Luckily I be like a Jesus that many churches have many lukewarm Christian caused her to said I need to find a correct teacher that I just dust off my feet and walk away rather than create more problem to point middle finger at her and spit at her to make myself more happy.

For this issue which had happened, I decided to leave this church care group by letting the leader know and also ask the church admin to remove my church membership from the database by submitting enquiry form online at the church web page and reply me once it been done. Actually it is very crazy to prepare for audition just three and a half days to be effective as my vocal teacher knows as she try to teach me and I try to attend the church audition that all. I will send this church worship ministry an e-mail to withdraw my audition application even after I had attended. Even I was selected after the audition due to this issue I am not interested to join too. Anyway if the church find this post want to remove it they will require to hire a civil lawyer which result in the court order in order to do it. This is my blog and is my freedom to blog about it as I not commiting any criminal charges as doing this.

You may google about what is classical singing standard like most common ABRSM vocal exam or trinity. I think it may be an mistake for church to look out for classical singer as mostly services they can have praise and worship like hymns or solo like contemporary style.