This happen in last Thu 03 April 2014 at night she called me. I broke up with her finally in 01 March 2014 afternoon. I told her tomorrow on 02 March 2014 she can go to the church herself alone. I would not be attending new creation church Singapore as I found a small church to go nearer my house every Sunday evening till now.

Why did I want to finally broke up with her. I going to tell you what happen since Sunday 23 Feb 2014 for these 7 days until I broke up with her finally. On Sunday afternoon, I reaching the church very soon, I ask her where is she. She said that sorry she did not tell me in advance as she is at her friend house. So she is asking me if I would like to go Vietnamese service in Queenstown Baptist Church. So at night I waited for her an hour and she arrived at train station said she still struck at her friend house in chua chu kang. So we go to her church very late as the service started at 6.30pm every Sunday as me the first time to attend.

So her birthday is 26 Feb 2014 Wednesday. She is 2 years younger then me. Before that I ask her what she want to do with her birthday. She said she is busy with her work no time to meet me said celebrate later and I do not know when. So on her birthday afternoon I ask her what you going to do with her birthday, she said tomorrow afternoon her colleagues want to celebrate with her at lunch. I been thinking she had a lot of free time with her colleagues but not me. So at Thursday night she whatsapp me the watch that her colleagues buy for her taken some photo where she wear it in her wrist. So she said it is nice so I told her is nice as watch small fit her small wrist too.

On Friday afternoon I ask her is she is attending my care group in new creation church later in evening. She said she let me know later. I let her know if she want can meet me at train station to bring her to my care group house. So about 6.30pm, I message her I going care group alone. She said sorry she still at work. After I come back from care group and ask her to meet up tomorrow afternoon as I need to talk to her. She said why. I told her I break up with her. She said need a week to decide to love me to go along as she said she love me but it is me who I really love her. I told her she is a player and she said she is not playing with me and she love me. So Saturday afternoon, I told her I do not think we suitable and we should break up as I told her my mum thinks I am a good man should be able to find others better easily. I block her whatapps, vibers as to prevent her keep message me she love me such kind.

Then last month those few weeks she send me quite a few sms as I did not block ask me how am I, I message her I am fine asking why she asking me. She never answer me. So Last Thursday night she ask me how am I, my job and church over the phone call. I told her I am good, I started working over a month, I went to another small churches visited cell group. So I ask her why are you asking me this to call me, it is that she found a boyfriend?

She told me she found a boyfriend. So I ask her is he a Christian, she said he attending new creation church. She did answer if he is a Christian as attending a church does not make you a Christian. She ask me do I found a girlfriend, I said I want to be single now. So I told her we can’t be together as not suitable like she let me wait in church so long and she told me bye so we end up the call. I think she is a player, do you think so? In the beginning of this year after a day or two since we exchange contact number over a dating web site she told me she love me and I said I love her to be girlfriend not even start as a friend simple. I think it is too fast my family thinks and I now believe that she is a player cheapo as so fast less than a month already have a boyfriend give me a call purposely tell me.