mcsa_winserv12_blkToday I done my third last exam and finally passed. This third exam I failed twice and this timeI study the same 3 times compare to one time in last time retake this same exam. First exam in July this year failed. So I retake in start Sep this year and passed. Second exam passed the first time. I brought the Microsoft booster pack for 3 exam with 4 retakes and practical test each of them included for USD$225 each so is total USD$675 which is about over S$940.

Next year Jan may seek my company for approval to take another year of contract training grant up to 1k per year to go for part time night course in CCNA routing and switching, then once completed use my pocket money to go exam. 

I completed the course MCSA Server 2012  in 3 months ended 1 July 2016 part time night course and assessment done with homework in school last week Friday in school in order to claim the government grant for subsided course fee.