I had started to use Viewqwest for Comex promotion 2013 no contract for 200 mbps plan. www.viewqwest.com

On Friday 29 August 2013 morning, I received a call from them to process the order and they arrange to activate my port 2 in Web 04 Sep 2013. So surprise that at Wed 04 Sep 2013 night I received a call said my line is activated and tomorrow morning they can come to install. So I took half day leave.

So he come in the morning, he put the zhone router there spend an hour time calling to provisioning but cannot get Internet so he left as need to rush off to other appointment. Then I call the technical support a few times and they managed to get the Internet connection and fixed phone line up without the need to arrange another time to swop the zhone router.

So I terminated myrepublic ISP which is using port 1. But I left 10 months to pay as I pay for 2 month for a year contract. So I started this service installed in 15 July 2013 Monday. I e-mail to them to submit an request on 07 Sep 2013 Sat. So they called on Monday said they can allow early termination follow a month notice pro rated charges till last day in 07 Oct 2013 with a termination fee of S$48.15. So I no need to pay another 10 months fee of monthly S$69.

On Tuesday afternoon after than phone call on Monday, I bring down the ONT, free Asus RT-N56U router and voice adaptor to return to them as they need my ONT and router given when I cancel their service before contract end personally to their office. The final amount had been charged to my credit card by myrepublic with the final invoice amended online last month end.