As of A few month ago I brought their dating packages. It cost S$550 for 5 dates, S$180 for date review, and S$320 for date preparatory course so total damage of S$1050. They do accept cash or cheque but if you want to use credit card they are using paypal online which they will charge you extra 4% service charge.

So I going through the date preparatory course, my dating consultant is Jenny and his husband Edmund is my date coach. You can see the couple faces at provide later on it is not removed from their web sites. Their class is very long, not really two and a half hours, should be almost three and a half hours. So the date coach will say for the follow date review he will see me.

So Jenny call me up and arranged a date on a restaurant, so it was a glass restaurant in fort canning park. I arrived before 7pm so about 7.15pm I went in as the appointment is 7.30pm. Edmund arrived at 7.30pm seat at another table near me. The date arrived late almost near to 15 minutes, seat alone at wrong table. I never had a date especially which was so late as normally the date are always arrive earlier then me. Some more can seat at the wrong table at it had never happen before as I was having many dates. I suspect this was a setup not really a date. Edmund can know that my date seat at the wrong table and send me an sms from his mobile. I received the SMS from Edmund asking me to go to the lady some more to bring her in. So I go to her table and ask her are you the one, bring her pull out the chair and she seat as the class Edmund ask me to pull out the chair for the lady. Then the date can later said go toilet which I haven’t starting to talk to her on the table. This is totally a setup. Then she come back and sit on the table we start talking and order food, talk and send her the way to bus stop and I left to take train back home.

So about two weeks Jenny call me and arrange another date which I did not even told her I want her to find another date. So Jenny said I need another date review as Edmund said to Jenny which last time Edmund call me for follow up date review and he said if I need can purchase another date review. I told Jenny off that she is simply putting my word on her mouth. So she is asking it is not safe to do fund transfer to her bank account. I can pay online using credit card with a surcharge of extra 4% using paypal. So I told her can send her a cheque, she said can and upon receiving it and it is cleared successfully. I received e-mail from her the payment request of S$180 send her a cheque post to her office address. So next day I replied her that I do not want the date review and since that date was going for my next date review I also reject her too. So she call me again persuade me to buy I said I do not want and also the date I rejected. So she said the date is good chosen and there is nothing to be perfect so I agreed to see her in Melilla walk of coffee club.

I come early, she is also late almost 15 minutes. She ask me what I working as. I told her. So she ask my company name. I was shocked. Firstly, even I tell her what is my company name is at no use to her, she does not know for every job that you take there is a job offer letter stating non disclosure agreement. So I told her and I very piss off her. She use mobile phone a few times trying to call some one which I irritated. When order a drink, she told me she does not have a diploma so hop job to gain experience. To me I was thinking about her What a F***. So I ask her why don’t you further study as can take night classes like me. She said very expensive and stressful to handle both work and study. She also share with me she being to some dating agent and found out that this agent charges are cheaper. So I thinking about her this date cannot make it. So when I settling the bill, she ask me how much is the drink. I said I settled the bill and let her know if the waiter given me the receipt. So she take out the wallet hold it in her hand in front of me above the table and the receipt come I told her the price of her drink. Then I look at her and the wallet, and thinking she does not have money to pay so I told her I give her a treat. We did not exchange number and I send her off when we goes off from the restaurant.

So I e-mail to Jenny the dating consultant and make a negative feedback of her. So she call me and I talk to her about 9 minutes becoming unpleasant and I hang the phone told her I very busy now. So she e-mail want me to call back but I refused and reply the call was too unpleasant so call back will make it more worse. So she replied that in my e-mail feedback I using the word “bloody hell” which is nasty improper language and she stated this is the final time if not she will take action. Secondly, the date had sincerely say sorry about the late. Third, the date ask how much as she wanted to pay for the drink. Forth, she is asking my company name to know more about me. Fifth, she find the call is not very unpleasant as she is sorting thing out with my feedback. Six, she said my perspective with this date is too negative as she thinking this date is good for what I told Jenny normally date will come early.

So I replied I want to terminate the membership now and stated if she want to take action legally like going to make police report or lawyer I am fine with it. So she replied she terminated the membership now as my request. I am not going to put this dating agent to court like small claim as the amount recover back is too little for what I paid in total compare to last time it’s just lunch.